McDonald’s to bring chicken Big Mac to UK menu for the first time

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The chicken Big Mac is launching for a limited time in McDonald’s restaurants in the UK (McDonald’s)
The chicken Big Mac is launching for a limited time in McDonald’s restaurants in the UK (McDonald’s)

McDonald’s is rolling out a chicken version of its famous Big Mac for the first time in the UK from 2 February.

The fast food giant will replace its signature beef patties with two crispy chicken fillets, a slice of cheese, lettuce, pickles and the “world-famous” Big Mac sauce in a three-layered bun.

The new chicken Big Mac will be available at 1,300 UK restaurants and customers can expect to pay £4.09 for the burger, 50p more than the classic Big Mac.

It also has more calories than the classic Big Mac, which has 508 calories. The chicken Big Mac has 544 calories.

However, the burger is only being launched for a limited time and fans have until 15 March to try it.

The chicken Big Mac is available on McDonald’s menus in Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

McDonald’s is also bringing back several customer favourites on 2 February, including the double Big Mac, mozzarella dippers, the Chicken Legend sandwich, and Galaxy chocolate and salted caramel McFlurries.

The chain removed the popular Chicken Legend sandwich temporarily from its menu in November to make way for its Christmas menu, and promised customers it would return in January.

However, customers took to Twitter to complain that the beloved sandwich remained missing form the menu this month.

Following McDonald’s announcement on Monday that it is removing two popular breakfast items, the breakfast bagel and wrap, some people questioned if the Chicken Legend was headed for the same permanent fate.

“If they [discontinue the] Chicken Legend next I am sure that we will see a war break out,” wrote one person.

Another said: “First they kill off the Chicken Legend and now bagels?! Do they want to close down for good or??”

Thankfully, the Chicken Legend and all its variations will be making its comeback from 2 February.

McDonald’s rolled out its vegan McPlant burger in all its branches across the UK and Ireland in early January, following a successful trial in 250 restaurants last year.

It also announced plans to launch a new loyalty scheme, MyMcDonald’s Rewards, that lets customers earn reward points that can be exchanged for free meals or donations to charity.

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