McDonald’s Is Axing These Three Menu Items

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: McDonald's

From Delish

McDonald’s has been pretty great to us recently, what with its 24 deals in 23 campaign.

But now, they’ve undone all that good work and made us feel super-sad by announcing that it will be axing three items from the menu.

In fairness, these are all items that returned to the menu recently, so we did think they might only be here for a limited time. But it still hurts, okay?

The first tasty (literally) item leaving Maccies’ menu is the Big Tasty and Big Tasty with Bacon.

The Big Tasty returned to McDonald’s as part of the Christmas menu, but alas, as of 28 January, it’s outta here.

Photo credit: McDonald's

Also leaving us high and dry are the Spicy Chicken Nuggets. We first got a taste of them when they came to the UK in July 2019 after a successful trial in the US and Asia. They returned to get us all riled up at the beginning of this month, but they’re heading off on 28 January too.

Yeah, it’s tragic losing the Big Tasty and Spicy Chicken Nuggets, but this is the one that stings the most: Cheese Melt Dippers are abandoning us.

Photo credit: McDonald's


Like the Big Tasty, these gooey morsels were part of the Christmas menu, but seeing as we’re now halfway through January, maybe it’s time to let go and accept it’s all Valentine’s Day selection boxes and Easter eggs from here on in.

Things could be worse, I guess...

Make sure you head to McDonald’s before 28 January to get one last taste of the Big Tasty, Spicy Chicken Nuggets and the Cheese Melt Dippers.

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