McDonald's makes the McVegan burger a permanent fixture on 2 countries' menus

McDonald's isn't exactly number one on the list of vegan-friendly eateries. But, for vegans in Sweden and Finland, McDonald's just got a hell of a lot friendlier. 

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McDonald's is making its McVegan burger a permanent menu fixture in Sweden and Finland after a successful trial of the item in Tampere, Finland, a spokesperson confirmed to Mashable

Den 28 december är den här - #McVegan, vår första veganska burgare! 😋 #donken #vego #vegan

A post shared by McDonald's Sverige (@mcdonaldssverige) on Dec 12, 2017 at 5:31am PST

So, what exactly is in a McVegan burger? Per the McDonald's Finland website, the vegan hamburger is a "100% vegetable-based hamburger" comprised of a soybean steak, topped with "Vegan McFeast sauce," fresh tomato, salad and pickles. 

The McDonald's UK-based spokesperson added that any plans to bring the item to McDonald's menus elsewhere in the world will be a "country by country decision." 

Fingers crossed! 

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