Mayim Bialik Responds to SNL Vet’s Apology for Prosthetic Nose She Wore in Blossom Parody

Mayim Bialik has responded to SNL vet Melanie Hutsell’s recent apology for donning a prosthetic nose to spoof Blossom in a 1994 sketch.

“I did not intend to disparage you or SNL and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness around this!” Bialik posted on Threads after thanking Hutsell for her mea culpa. “It made for an interesting essay (which I was asked to write many months ago on the topic of antisemitism) and with everything going on in the world, I’m virtually hugging you and appreciate you very much!”

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On Oct. 18, Bialik revisited the sketch in an essay on Variety. She remembered being the only Blossom cast member singled out for her physical features, particularly her “undeniably Jewish nose,” and said she “felt ashamed” after seeing the parody in question.

“Girls all over the world used to tell me that they had never seen a Jewish girl like me on TV before,” she wrote. “I wonder how those girls felt when they saw an actress playing me with a comically prosthetic nose.”

On Friday, Hutsell shared her regrets for appearing in the scene even though she “knew it was wrong.”

“When we were preparing to do that sketch all those years ago, I was absolutely horrified that they wanted me to wear a prosthetic nose to play Mayim Bialik’s character, Blossom,” she said in a statement obstained by Entertainment Weekly.

“I remember so clearly that when I expressed that I did not want to wear the prosthetic nose for the sketch, I was told if I refused, I would be fired,” she continued. “And keep in mind, many of the people who had a hand in creating the sketch were Jewish. Although I had and have always had a strong moral compass, I didn’t have the strength to refuse to do the sketch after I was told I would be fired.”

If she had the opportunity to do it all over, Hutsell said she “would have refused to wear the prosthetic nose and taken the risk of losing my job. That would have been the right thing to do.”

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