We tried Holly Willoughby's favourite Maybelline's Curl Bounce Mascara

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When it comes to make-up, Maybelline has long been a solid high-street favourite – but the brand is perhaps best known for its unbeatable mascaras. In fact, one Maybelline mascara sells every seven seconds, which is no mean feat.

In all likelihood, your first mascara was probably a Maybelline one, (mine was the iconic Great Lash). So, I was intrigued when I heard about the brand’s latest launch, the Colossal Curl Bounce mascara, that promises to turn the volume up on your lashes and costs just £10.99.

The Curl Bounce mascara follows on from the astronomical success of the brand’s Lash Sensational Sky High mascara that went viral on Tik Tok and Instagram last year. It just so happens to be Holly Willoughby's mascara of choice right now, too.

Despite Maybelline's track record for creating the best mascaras on the planet, I was dubious about this new launch. I have extremely short, sparse and thin lashes and, as a result, have tried pretty much every mascara under the sun, most of which leave me disappointed. Would Colossal Bounce really meet my (admittedly high) demands? Considering the price is a mere fraction of what I spend on my usual tube, I wasn't initially sold.

However, I'm willing to admit I was completely wrong, and this high-street hero has firmly won me over. Here's why Maybelline's Colossal Curl Bounce has become my new go-to:

It's a mega volumising formula

While I did like the Sky High mascara, I found the formula to be a little wet for my liking and therefore very messy. Even the most experienced with make-up would need a cotton bud at the ready. But Curl Bounce had a much thicker consistency, which meant it glided on a lot easier and really stuck to my eyelashes. It also dried very quickly, making it super easy to layer up for extra drama.

With thicker mascaras it’s easy to get that unwanted clumpy look. But, thanks to the bristles on the wand, my lashes were voluminous at the very start of the lash-line (it looked like I had eyeliner on) but were separated and defined at the tips. All you could ask for really.

There was only one thing that knocked Colossal Bounce down from a perfect score. After all-day wear, I did experience a bit of flakiness along our lower lash line. However, this is a very common hazard with thicker formulas, so I’ll happily let it slide.

The mascara offers supreme curling power

I always use eyelash curlers – the push-up bra of the make-up world – to really give my lashes that extra helping hand. But, to truly put Colossal Bounce through its paces, I put my trusted tool down.

Photo credit: Eleanor Magill
Photo credit: Eleanor Magill

I was pleasantly surprised to find my lashes had a lovely curl to them with just one coat of the mascara, and I think this is largely down to the clever design of the brush. With one side rounded to match the curvature of your lash line, the bristles grip on to all your lashes (even the teeny ones) and curl as you apply. I then used the other side of the brush to comb out the product for added separation.

Once I'd mastered my application technique, I actually found my lashes were so well curled, they were brushing my upper eyelids. Sadly, my lash curl did not stay all day, which was slightly disappointing – but, if you have straight lashes like me, is to be expected.

Maybelline's Colossal Curl Bounce stands up to its rivals

I am a die-hard fan of Benefit’s Roller Lash Curling mascara – it's one of my desert-island products. But Maybelline has proved that even the cheaper end of the spectrum can really pack a punch when it comes to volume and curl. Colossal Bounce is clearly a worthy contender to my more high-end tube.

And now perhaps the very best part: Colossal Bounce is, impressively, free from the animal-derived waxes that make most mascaras so good. It’s vegan, and at no compromise to efficacy. A win-win.

Maybelline – I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

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