Maybelline's new £11 mascara that curls your lashes is the best we've used

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Photo credit: PeopleImages - Getty Images
Photo credit: PeopleImages - Getty Images

We're always on the hunt for the perfect mascara, one that lifts and defines your lashes without clumps for a flattering yet natural flutter. And it's fair to say we've wasted quite a bit of money on this quest over the years, particularly given that some high-end iterations can cost nearly £30 a pop.

So, imagine our happiness at hearing about a brand new drugstore mascara from Maybelline that's going viral for its lash-lifting abilities and costs just £10.99...

The new Maybelline Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara launched last month, and has already racked up hundreds of five-star reviews from seriously impressed beauty fans. It's now the hot new product on every beauty insider's wishlist, so you can bet we'll be adding to basket immediately to check it out for ourselves.

The reason it's proving so popular? It's all down to the wand's curling power. The formula promises to curl your individual lashes so they are their bounciest and most lifted selves, all without the use of an eyelash curler – which, as we all know, is usually your quickest route to a wide-awake look but can be, well, a bit of a hassle day-to-day.

"The curl n' bounce brush separates, coats and curls lashes for high volume and curl impact, and your lashes will stay up all day – no curler required," Maybelline says of its new launch. Sounds pretty dreamy.

Maybelline Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara review

We had to try the new Maybelline Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara for ourselves are were seriously impressed with the lash lift it delivered, all without any clumps. In fact, it's become our new go-to, replacing high-end mascaras costing more than twice the price.

We're not the only ones who've discovered that the mascara really does deliver. "Oh wow! How amazing is this mascara!" wrote one reviewer on the Maybelline website. "One coat is enough to curl and lengthen your eyelashes, and leaves them looking and feeling amazing all day! I love this and because a little goes a long way... I can see this lasting a long, long time."

Another added: "Oh my word, this is the best ever mascara I’ve tried, it doesn’t clump ever. I have very straight eyelashes, which I curl before applying mascara but not now. I don’t know how it manages it but the straightness has gone! This is 100% now my go-to mascara."

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