Maya Jama's make-up artist Anna Lingis shares Halloween tips

Anna Lingis' Purple Demon look credit:Bang Showbiz
Anna Lingis' Purple Demon look credit:Bang Showbiz

Maya Jama's make-up artist insists it is easy to create a Halloween look without buying special products.

The 28-year-old presenter always turns to Anna Lingis to create her beauty looks for 31 October and the make-up artist has shared her own tips to get the most out of everyday cosmetic items for the spooky holiday.

Anna said: "Creating show-stopping Halloween look doesn’t mean you need to purchase a million new different products.

"You’d be surprised what you can do with the makeup you’ve already got, such as utilising everyday items like a bold black eyeliner, red lipstick and festival glitter kits.

"Top tip: mixing red lipstick, thick clear lip gloss and a dash of creamy black eyeliner makes the perfect DIY fake blood mixture!

"To add some glam to your spooky looks, you can even mix some red glitter to fake blood to give it an extra sparkle."

Anna has shared a tutorial for a 'Purple Demon' look, which is inspired by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4’s Bora Purple, on her TikTok account and has encouraged people to move away from "classic" Halloween hues this year.

She said: "The classic Halloween makeup often features shades of black and orange.

"This year, traditional shades are being replaced with more vibrant alternatives, as beauty-lovers take inspiration from social trends and their favourite TV shows.

"Try applying bold colours such as bora purple with a metallic contrast, to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to contouring, choose a shade a few tones darker than your bases.

"With highlighting, you want to go a few shades lighter, so if you’re using purple you might choose a lilac for those brighter tones."

And Anna warned people to look after their skin after applying so many products for their Halloween party looks.

She said: "Your skin will definitely be in need of some self-care after a full night of Halloween festivities. I would recommend using an oil-based remover or balm to remove heavier makeup and then to double cleanse removing everything with a microfibre cloth. This will ensure your skin is super clean. Make sure to follow with your usual skincare routine after this."

Beauty lovers can follow Anna's ‘Purple Demon’ step-by-step tutorial at and learn how to capture the spookiest hands free selfie with the Galaxy Z Flip4.

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