Maya Jama and Stormzy's relationship timeline – get all the details

Love Island host Maya Jama is being called the ultimate bombshell right now, with fans asking about her current relationship status. Ahead of the season's debut, the presenter confirmed that she is "very, very single," but in the past, Maya has been linked to rapper Stormzy, whom she dated from 2015 to 2019. Take a closer look at their relationship timeline…

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2014 - Maya Jama and Stormzy meet for the first time

During a joint interview with Vogue, the couple opened up about their first meeting in 2014. "We met in October, then we were going out by January," said Stormzy.

"You know, if I'm really honest, I knew I fancied him from the start," explained Maya. "But I didn't want anything yet, because, you know, you're trying to do the whole friend situation first, and then I'd do, like, obvious hints that I fancied him and then take it back because I didn't know if he definitely liked me. It was a childish phase. And then one day we just kissed, and that was that!"


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2015 - Maya Jama and Stormzy start dating

Crowned couple goals by fans, during their time together, Maya and Stormzy received plenty of media attention. Recalling what it was like, in 2020, the Love Island star appeared on Shopping with Keith Lemon, where she told the comedian:

"I didn't ever feel like a celebrity couple. Everyone else made it like that. We just had a normal relationship. And then everyone was just talking about it. We met when we were like 20 before anyone cared about us. So then it was just a normal relationship. Basically, I always said it was like a normal relationship but people wanted to look at it more and talk about it more."


Maya revealed that she and Stormzy never felt like a celebrity couple

2019 - Maya Jama and Stormzy decide to split

After four years of dating, Maya and Stormzy decided to split in 2019. Following the news of their breakup, the 'Hide & Seek' singer has since reflected on the tough times that arose after the end of their relationship. In 2022, he told GQ:

"I think my break up with Maya was still really heavy on my heart. I'd never experienced a breakup and the feelings that come with a breakup. And I never wanted to ever be in a position again where I felt what I was feeling. Because it showed me that I was a boy. And I do not want to go any further as a boy. I've seen how that manifests in other people. And I don't want to be like that."


The couple decided to split in 2019

In a 2023 interview with The Sunday Times, Maya also addressed their former relationship, explaining: "We were so young when we met, just beginning our careers. I don't think either of us knew it was going to be such a big thing."

2022 - Maya Jama responds to rumours that she's back with Stormzy

In 2022, there were rumours that Maya and Stormzy had reconciled, especially after they attended some of the same events, including the GQ Men of the Year 2022 awards in London. While many hoped that the former couple had reconnected, Maya's team later confirmed that the rumours were, in fact, false and that the pair had become good friends.


The pair have since become good friends

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