Maura Higgins just revealed her naturally grey hair

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There's nothing we love more than a celebrity who keeps it real and honest (especially when it comes to their beauty regime) – and Love Island star Maura Higgins is always a surefire bet on that front. As well as recently opening up about her relationship with Chris Taylor, the model also just shared a couple of candid 'before and after' hair shots on Instagram Stories.

In the pictures, Maura shared that her grey roots have grown in during lockdown (while hairdressers are still unable to operate) and the product she swears by for covering them up – and lucky for us, it's a pretty affordable option!

Side note: while it's not uncommon for people to start growing grey hair in their twenties and thirties (or even during their teenage years), it's still not something that's regularly spoken about, so we have to applaud Maura for sharing her relatable hair experience.

Maura captioned the first photo, showing her au naturel hair colour, as '50 Shades of Grey 😎':

Photo credit: Maura Higgins - Instagram
Photo credit: Maura Higgins - Instagram

She then followed up with an 'after' shot, displaying her newly covered roots which seamlessly blend in with the rest of her hair – and revealed the product that she used to achieve the effect, L'Oréal's Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray (£5.99) in a brown shade:

Photo credit: Maura Higgins - Instagram
Photo credit: Maura Higgins - Instagram

While Maura also made it very clear that her recommendation wasn't an advert, she did describe the spray as a "life saver" (BRB just adding to basket).

Photo credit: Maura Higgins - Instagram
Photo credit: Maura Higgins - Instagram

As for grey hair in general, while speaking to Cosmopolitan UK about why some people spot steely strands earlier than others, Anabel Kingsley, Trichologist at Philip Kingsley, said it's mostly down to genetics. "When our hair goes grey, is mostly down to the genetic hand we are dealt. Some people will start going grey in their early twenties, while others will be well into their fifties when their first grey appears. If either of your parents turned grey early, it’s probable that you will too."

She added that it's always best to avoid plucking any greys, however tempting it may feel at the time. "If you continuously pluck out a hair you run the risk of damaging the hair follicle and this can result in distortion of strands and even permanent hair loss," she explained, before adding that a Vitamin B deficiency can also sometimes cause early greying. Ditto stress.

"Grey hair occurs when the hair follicle stops producing melanocytes (pigment cells) that give hair its colour," Kingsley noted. "Certain factors can speed up this process. The most common trigger of premature greying is Vitamin B deficiency – and these levels can be depleted by stress."

Three cheers for Maura for normalising grey hairs! And if you want to have a go at covering your own using the instant root spray, it's available to purchase from Amazon for £5.99:

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