Maude Apatow gripped with nerves

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Maude Apatow suffers wit nerves credit:Bang Showbiz
Maude Apatow suffers wit nerves credit:Bang Showbiz

Maude Apatow "blacked out" before her final 'Euphoria' audition because she was so nervous.

The 24-year-old actress - who portrays Lexi Howard in the drama series - had already won over showrunner Sam Levinson but she was overwhelmed when she had to try out in front of network bosses to secure her role.

She told the new issue of PORTER magazine: “The final one was with the network; it’s you in a room, performing in front of 15 people in suits. I was so anxious I just blacked out."

Maude was always a "nervous" teenager and admitted her classmates used to "take advantage" of her, but she found solace in drama.

She said: “In high school, I was nervous all the time, I never stood up for myself and I felt like people would take advantage of the fact I wouldn’t ever argue. I just never felt confident.

“I’d channel all my anxiety into theatre. Everything had to be just perfect. That's not always a good thing; I probably burnt a lot of bridges.”

But despite the pressures of the acting industry, the 'King of Staten Island' actress never wanted to give up the profession because nerves just feel "normal" to her.

She said: “I get so nervous about everything it feels normal to me, and the pay-off is always worth it: I never want to let the fear get in the way.”

Maude admitted the fame she's experienced since 'Euphoria' first aired in 2011 has been "crazy".

She said: “After season one came out, it was kind of crazy. Then season two comes and it gets even crazier, I can’t get my head around it… but I’m so glad that people like it.”

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