Matthew Williamson And Richard Nicoll Dish On Meeting The Queen!

25 May 2012
Matthew Williamson And Richard Nicoll Dish On Meeting The Queen!
Matthew Williamson And Richard Nicoll Dish On Meeting The Queen!

Matthew Williamson and his muse Valentine Fillol-Cordier on The 'A Celebration Of The Arts' red carpet

‘A Celebration Of The Arts’ at the Royal Art Academy in London was the perfect way to kick of these jolly Jubilee celebrations. It was the kind of high profile shindig that left the mere mortals who were just working star-struck and in complete awe. Can you imagine not only be an inch away from woman of the moment and hostess with the mostess, HRH The Queen, but to be in the same room as hundreds of art, fashion, music and literary legends? It doesn’t get more fabulous than brushing shoulders with Sir Paul McCartney whilst ogling the wonderment of divas Shirley Bassey, Judi Dench and Joan Collins hob-knobbing and spotting one after another of the fashion industry’s finest Brits and their muses.

But it also doesn’t get any less daunting even when you are a super-important fashion designer. Richard Nicoll, who was so sharply decked out in Acne, was actually a little too shy to say hi to HRH, “It was exciting and surreal to have the queen in the same building and lovely to see her looking relaxed and human and so close, but I'm a shy boy so actually meeting her was out of the question!” He told us, “[The] best part of the evening was seeing Charlotte Rampling in the flesh looking insanely beautiful. She couldn’t be more elegant and cool.” Whilst Matthew managed to pluck up the courage to greet the world’s leading lady, 'I was lucky enough to meet the Queen which was a real honour.” Matthew said, “It was fantastic to see so many amazing people from different creative fields all under one roof - It made me proud to be British!” And we’re proud you’re British too boys, let the patriotism begin!

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