Matthew McConaughey just posted a totally naked throwback pic on Insta

We love an Instagram throwback photo, and Matthew McConaughey has just gone and posted the throwback to end all throwbacks - sharing a totally naked old pic on socials.

Yep, the actor is pretty prolific on the 'gram (and enjoys trolling his followers from time to time), but his latest post has got fans *talking*.

Plus, he's not the only celeb to enjoy sharing a nude throwback, with actress Jamie Lee Curtis doing the same just last month. Meanwhile, we've also seen the likes of Jason Momoa getting naked on the internet on various occasions in recent weeks.

So, hey, looks like Matthew is very much in good company.

As for his latest post, the 53-year-old shared the nude snap as a jokey nod to "#NationalPickleDay" (just go with it), seen posing totally naked next to an open fridge while holding a jar of, err, pickles.

The actor added the caption, "pickled," and his Instagram bio even reads, "Pickle Expert." Yeah, definitely a clear theme here.

What's more, naked pic aside, we're also *loving* getting an untethered glimpse into the fridge contents of a Hollywood star. Spy soy sauce, mustard, honey and a rogue lime. All very interesting TBH.

Take a look at the snap here:

As expected, the comments on this one are truly brilliant. One fan wrote, "To be that soy sauce," while another added, "I think I love this more because his fridge looks just like an average person's fridge."

Keep the fridge posts coming!

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