Matthew McConaughey: "How can I do better as a white man?"

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Matthew McConaughey has questioned how he as a white man can do more to tackle racial injustice. The Oscar-winning actor joined broadcaster Emmanuel Acho on his talk show, Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, to find out how he can do better.

"You have to acknowledge there's a problem so that you can take more ownership for the problem," said Acho. "The first step to acknowledging is sitting in this chair right here across from a black man and saying, 'ok, I may not be talking about you Emmanuel Acho, but I may be talking about people who look like you.'

"You have to acknowledge implicit bias; you have to acknowledge that you'll see a black man and for whatever reason, you would view them as more of a threat than the white man - probably because society told them to."

McConaughey said he wanted "to learn, to share and listen - to discuss some common grounds between us, but also expose differences between us".

"I'm here to have a conversation hopefully promote more conversation and with the end goal being that we take the time we are now in to constructively turn the page in history through some righteous and justifiable change," he said.

He asked Acho what he believed equality meant, to which the broadcaster said he didn't think it existed in the US in the wake of slavery. The Oscar winner admits that the conversation "exposed ways of looking at things in a way that maybe I didn't see the other side of the coin as I started off with some of the context that you put things in, even the very simple things that are obvious like math. Yes, whites and blacks can all have it hard, but whites have never had it hard because of the colour of their skin. That's an obvious thing.

"I may realise that, but I never looked at that side of the coin until you brought it up. I'm diving deeper into how I'm looking looking at things and how I'm looking at myself."

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