Matthew Lewis claims airline ripped up his first class ticket

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Matthew Lewis claimed over the weekend that Air Canada downgraded him to economy class at the last minute.

The Harry Potter star slammed Air Canada on Twitter after he was reportedly downgraded from first class to economy two minutes before his flight.

He aired his grievances with the airline in a series of tweets and explained that he flew with Air Canada from Orlando to Toronto for Fan Expo Canada. The airline allegedly overbooked the first class section of his flight, forcing Matthew to fly economy instead.

Replying to several Twitter users, the actor, who portrayed Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movie franchise, shared that he's been downgraded before, but never "at the gate, less than two minutes to boarding and without explanation or apology... No explanation other than 'full flight.'"

He explained, "No email. No offer to rebook. Literally tore my first class ticket up in front of me at the gate, gave me economy ticket and walked away. Not a single word. I had to call her back to ask umm why? Lol. Privileged problems, sure. But still wild."

Responding to a user who commented that it's normal for an airline to overbook a flight, Matthew wrote he thinks overbooking is "a ludicrous policy that we've inexplicably normalised".

He also claimed that he couldn't track down customer service.

"Said if I wanted to sort it I should go to customer service," he tweeted. "I asked where that was. 'Toronto.' I'm in Orlando."

Air Canada's official account responded to Matthew's original tweet, writing, "Hi Matthew, we regret hearing this. Please send us a DM with further details of the issue, we'll see if we can help from here."