Mattel wants Barbie sequel

Mattel is already planning a 'Barbie' sequel.

The toy manufacturer's CEO Ynon Kreiz is open to expanding Greta Gerwig's upcoming blockbuster - which sees Margot Robbie star as the iconic doll - into a franchise, with early discussions underway.

He told Time magazine that there is a possibility of "more Barbie movies".

Robbie herself is less certain, noting that while there have been talks, nothing is set in stone.

She explained: “It could go a million different directions from this point. But I think you fall into a bit of a trap if you try and set up a first movie whilst also planning for sequels.”

Kreitz noted that Mattel has a clear goal to create something that goes beyond simple being a toy advert, pointing to the importance of working with creative people like Greta and her partner Noah Baumbach, with whom she wrote the script.

The Mattel boss added: "We’re looking to create movies that become cultural events. If you can excite filmmakers like Greta and Noah to embrace the opportunity and have creative freedom, you can have a real impact.”

Emphasising the company's goal, Kreitz insisted the team are not focused on the idea of using the film to create more sales.

He said: “It’s not about making movies so that we can go and sell more toys. We’ve been doing well selling toys without movies.”

He noted that the firm is changing from "a toy-manufacturing company" into one that is firmly in the franchise business.

He explained: “The most important transition was from being a toy-manufacturing company that was making items to becoming an IP company that is managing franchises."