Mattel unveils Masters of the Universe figures collection spearheaded by Virgil Abloh

Mattel, Inc./Cover Images

Toy firm Mattel's Mattel Creations arm has released its latest expansion: a collaboration with the late Virgil Abloh on Masters of the Universe figures - including He-Man and his nemesis Skeletor.

Throughout the project, the late Off-White and Louis Vuitton designer had access to Mattel's Masters of the Universe world and got the chance to explore his love of youth culture and his desire for everyone to embrace the child within.

Working with the Mattel Creations team, this MOTU collection began under Abloh's direction, where he laid the framework and initial concepts.

After his passing last November, Virgil Abloh Securities - the company now dedicated to spreading his ethos and essence globally - helped continue his plans. The final touches were actualised by Abloh's young, interdisciplinary creative team at his London-based design agency, Alaska Alaska.

"Virgil had a deep interest in the MOTU property, in which aspects of his interest were rooted in nostalgia. The selection of characters for this offering we believe to be rooted in their Iconography and significance within the franchise," said Alaska Alaska. "The design direction looked to preserve the existing iconography, using colour theory as a point of entry into novelty, and collector's culture, drawing a parallel between Art Collectors and Comic Book Collectors. This parallel largely manifests in the multiple formats of packaging that will house the Toys."

The new Masters of the Universe figures are available now. They are all designed in monochromatic hues and special packaging that come with a comic book and art by Reggieknow.