Matt LeBlanc convinced pre-show huddle was Friends' lucky charm

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Matt LeBlanc insisted the cast of Friends huddle before filming each episode after dislocating his shoulder when they missed their traditional hug.

The castmates recalled the shoot when LeBlanc injured himself leaping into an armchair, and he still thinks the mishap occurred because they didn't have their lucky pre-show huddle.

"I went to jump over the coffee table and tripped and somehow my legs went up in the air and my shoulder came out of the socket," he recalled while filming HBO Max and Sky's Friends: The Reunion special, which shows the scene in which Matt, starring as Joey Tribbiani, was injured.

The camera kept rolling as LeBlanc yelled in pain offset and co-star David Schwimmer called for medical assistance.

Matt had to be taken to the hospital, where his arm was put in a sling and his injury had to be written into the show.

And he is convinced the injury happened because there was no pre-show huddle.

"There was one thing that we did every show that we didn't do that night... That's the one time we didn't do it," he added.

"After that we always did it," castmate Lisa Kudrow said.

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