Matt Hamilton uses gold medal as ball marker in golf tournament

Matt Hamilton is more patriotic than you. (Screenshot via @WebDotCom/Twitter)

Is there anyone in the entire history of the Olympics who’s having more fun being a gold medalist than Team USA curler Matt Hamilton? Dude is turning up everywhere from the NFL draft to the White house, enjoying himself every moment along the way and blowing that whole “15 minutes of fame” nonsense out of the water.

His latest stop: a pro-am tour event in Greenville, South Carolina. Wearing an outfit that looked like an eagle ate an American flag and threw up on the Constitution, Hamilton played some decent golf … and broke out the greatest ball marker ever:

Check out Matt Hamilton’s ball marker. (Screenshot via @WebDotCom/Twitter)

Here’s video of Hamilton in action. We’re assuming the greens were spotless.

Beat that, Tiger.
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