Matt Dumba says he was denied service after kneeling for anthem in bubble

Justin Cuthbert
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Minnesota Wild defender Matt Dumba played an indispensable role in the NHL players’ stand against racism and the efforts made toward inclusivity in hockey when the league restarted in the summer amid both a global pandemic and the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a Minnesota police officer.

But for as many of those who have correctly supported and lauded Dumba, one of the founding members of the Hockey Diversity Alliance and who has since received the King Clancy Award for his leadership and efforts in the community, his decision to kneel and raise his fist on the bench for the U.S. and Canadian national anthems has affected his life negatively, at least in one way.

Dumba shared in a conference call with reporters Thursday afternoon that he was denied service by a local shipping company after recently trying to have his car sent to Arizona, where he was training with a star-studded group of NHL players in the weeks and months leading up to the season.

“... the guy started saying some racist (stuff) to me on the phone,” Dumba said, via Michael Russo of The Athletic, “saying that I should keep kneeling for my anthem. Didn’t ship my car down. That was a battle I was facing."

Two valets at Dumba’s apartment complex apparently heard the story and volunteered to drive the car to Arizona.

Dumba said the emotions have been a “whirlwind,” but doesn’t plan to stop speaking out and advocating for what’s right.

"There’s going to be those haters, but I got too many good people around me, too many awesome people who support everything I’m doing and show me love and support."

Dumba and the Wild will begin the season in one week in Los Angeles versus the Kings.

EDMONTON, ALBERTA - AUGUST 07:  Matt Dumba #24 of the Minnesota Wild raises his fist during the national anthem prior to Game Four of the Western Conference Qualification Round against the Vancouver Canucks prior to the 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at Rogers Place on August 07, 2020 in Edmonton, Alberta. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)
Matt Dumba raises his fist during the national anthem. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)

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