Matt Bellamy won't move to UK without ex Kate Hudson

Matt Bellamy wants to return to the UK credit:Bang Showbiz
Matt Bellamy wants to return to the UK credit:Bang Showbiz

Matt Bellamy needs to "work on" persuading Kate Hudson to move to the UK.

The Muse frontman has an amicable relationship with his former fiancee - the mother of his 11-year-old son Bingham - and while he and wife Elle Evans would like to return to his native England with their daughter Lovella, two, he wouldn't want to do so without the 'Fool's Gold' actress and their child.

Asked about moving back to the UK, Matt told The Sun newspaper: “I would like to and Elle loves it too. I need to work on the ex. It’s trying to get them both to want to come here simultaneously. It could happen one day.

“Even though I’ve lived in LA for ten years now, this is still my home. I always spend a good chunk of time in Devon as well. I was raised in the nicest place in the world."

Matt and his family are usually joined by Kate - who also has son Ryder, 18, with ex-husband Chris Robinson and daughter Rani, three, with fiance Danny Fujikawa - for their summers in the UK.

He said: “We all tend to spend summer in England together — Bing sees us both. It’s all friendly. Bing is a bit of a Californian kid as he loves surfing, skateboarding and he’s a really good artist.

“There’s loads of amazing street art, especially in Camden, so he’s walking around going, ‘This is so cool. I don’t see this in the Palisades’.

“Lovella is just so sweet. She came to see me play for the first time recently and was trying to run out to me on stage. 'Supermassive Blackhole' was her favourite song.”

The 'Compliance' singer joked technology has made it even easier for him to enjoy his scenic home county.

He added: “The key to enjoy Devon and the hills is electric bikes. Where I’m from it’s really hilly so bike riding was only like for fitness fanatics. But now with electric bicycles I’m there. I’m taking the lazy route and I’ve gone electric.”

The 44-year-old star isn't a fan of social media and has told Bingham he won't be allowed on Instagram for another few years.

He said: “I’m not really that keen on social media. I do a little bit on Instagram, a couple of pictures here and there, but I don’t use Twitter.

“Social media has never really drawn me in, partly because I’m not a very extroverted person.

“I get a massive feeling, interacting with people with on stage so I guess I don’t seek that anywhere else. And the reward that I get from seeing, a bunch of likes or comments is not the same as boom, we’re all singing together here.

“Bing doesn’t have his own TikTok or anything like that. He keeps asking for one but we say he needs to wait until he’s 14 or 15.”