MasterChef: who should win?

MasterChef: who should win?

Andrew Kojima


Bio: Research analyst, 33, lives with his wife in London.

Curious fact: Andrew’s doctor wife sometimes pretends to be Gregg Wallace when served food by her husband. All good practice.

Best bits: Blumenthal-esque with his molecular experiments. We never quite know what he’ll put on our plates.    

Worst bits: Sometimes gets a bit panicky, and often has the shakes.

Shelina Permalloo


Bio: Former diversity manager, 29, married, lives in South London.

Curious fact: British-born Mauritian Shelina rings her mum before every show for a wee pep talk.

Best bits: Puddings! A sweet-toothed genius, who works wonders with mangoes.

Worst bits: Maybe not as much food knowledge as the other two contestants. Needs to indulge in other cuisines more.

Tom Rennolds


Bio: Youngest contestant at 26 years old, lives with his mum in Yorkshire, plasterer by trade.

Curious fact: Despite loving his cooking, Tom’s never been one for recipe books and usually makes it up as he goes along.

Best bits: A flavour wizard. How does he make those flavour combos work?

Worst bits: As arrogant as MasterChef contestants come. But then again, that can be a good thing in this industry…