A massive breakdown of Taylor Swift's celebrity friendships

  • Taylor Swift has gotten close with some big names across the entertainment industry over the years.

  • Emma Stone, Selena Gomez, and Karlie Kloss were some of her early famous friends.

  • She's also collaborated with several friends, including Jack Antonoff and the Haim sisters.

Taylor Swift and the Haim sisters have been close friends and collaborators for years.

Este Haim, Alana Haim, and Danielle Haim at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscars Party.
Este, Alana, and Danielle Haim at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscars Party.Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The band Haim is made up of three sisters, Este, Danielle, and Alana. Their friendship with Swift started in October 2014 after they both tweeted expressing their love for each other's music.

The next month, the sisters were part of Taylor Swift's 25th birthday celebration at Jingle Ball.

They were then photographed together at the Golden Globes in January 2015 before they all took a trip to Hawaii.

Later that year, the band opened for Swift during part of her 1989 tour.

The Haim sisters were also with Swift during the one and only time she attended Coachella in 2016 — when she revealed her iconic "Bleachella" look.

In 2019, Danielle publicly supported Swift when she spoke out against Scooter Braun acquiring Swift's masters.

The band was featured on "No Body, No Crime" from Swift's "Evermore" album in December 2020. And a year later, Swift shared pictures on Instagram of her joint birthday party with Alana.

More recently, Swift surprised Haim fans by joining the band onstage for their London show in 2022, where they sang a mashup of Swift's "Love Story" and Haim's "Gasoline." The sisters also appeared in Swift's music video for her "Midnights" track "Bejeweled."

Haim was also one of Swift's opening acts for her Eras tour.

Dylan O'Brien was a fan of Swift before they became close.

Dylan O'Brien, Taylor Swift, and Sadie Sink smile on the "All Too Well" red carpet.
Dylan O'Brien, Taylor Swift, and Sadie Sink at the premiere of the "All Too Well" short film.Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

When Coup de Main magazine interviewed O'Brien in 2021, the actor mentioned being a fan of Swift's music.

The actor had previously tweeted about Swift's music back in 2020, and the interview revealed that he was particularly a fan of "1989" and "Lover" — though he listed plenty of songs he enjoyed from "Folklore" as well.

When Swift rereleased "Red" in November 2021, O'Brien starred in Swift's short film version of "All Too Well," which premiered alongside the album.

Swift praised his work in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, calling O'Brien prepared, committed, and magnetic.

He also had a surprise credit on Swift's newest album, "Midnights." According to the singer, he played the drums for "Snow on the Beach."

Swift told Fallon in 2022 that O'Brien happened to be hanging out with her in Jack Antonoff's studio when she was recording the track, and he just started playing the drums.

Selena Gomez has been close friends with Swift for almost 15 years.

Taylor Swift Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift at the 2016 Grammys.Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Gomez and Swift met in 2008 when they were dating Nick and Joe Jonas, respectively.

Later that year, Swift went with the actor to the premiere of her film "Another Cinderella Story," marking one of their first public sightings.

The two were seen together at various award shows throughout the years, and Swift even brought Gomez onstage to perform with her during her 2011 Speak Now tour.

In 2014, Gomez posted a video of her and Swift dancing together at the Met Gala shortly after Swift told E! New how much she valued their friendship.

Like many of Swift's celebrity friends, Gomez was featured in her 2015 "Bad Blood" music video. Her role was even slightly larger than other celebrity cameos.

Later that year, Swift and Gomez performed together during Swift's 1989 tour. They reunited onstage for the Reputation tour in 2018 as well, and Swift posted about it on Instagram to thank Gomez for being there for her "no matter what."

The two have continued to celebrate each other's projects over the years and share photos together on social media.

While promoting her 2022 documentary, "My Mind and Me," Gomez told Rolling Stones "my only friend in the industry really is Taylor," which earned her some backlash but highlighted their lasting friendship.

The friends have continued to support each other online over the past year.

Antonoff and Swift have worked well together for years.

jack antonoff taylor swift
Jack Antonoff and Taylor Swift performing at the 2016 Grammys.Kevin Winter/WireImage

Swift and Antonoff seem to have met at the 2012 European Music Awards. The two became fast friends and collaborators, with Antonoff cowriting and coproducing "Out of the Woods," "I Wish You Would," and "You Are in Love" on "1989."

Antonoff went on to work on tracks from "Reputation" and "Lover" as well. Fun footage of the pair coming up with the lyrics to "Getaway Car" was later released in the 2020 "Miss Americana" documentary.

The Bleachers front-runner also joined Swift on stage when she won album of the year at the 2021 Grammys for "Folklore." He wrote and produced multiple tracks on the surprise album and provided vocals and bass for several as well.

He then continued to work with Swift on "Evermore" and "Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions."

In 2022, Antonoff was credited on all 13 main tracks on "Midnights" and a few of the "(3am Edition)" bonus songs, and he appeared in the "Bejeweled" music video.

The friends have also shared some sweet moments and photos on social media over the last few years.

Swift and Aaron Dessner met years before they ever collaborated.

aaron dessner, taylor swift, and jack antonoff at the 2021 grammys
Aaron Dessner and Taylor Swift at the 2021 Grammys.Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

According to Pitchfork, Dessner met Swift at a 2014 "Saturday Night Live" show. He'd been a member of The National for 15 years by that time, and he's continued to release new music with his band.

He also told Pitchfork in the 2020 interview that Swift came to a National show in 2019 and spoke with him before reaching out to ask if he'd like to work on a song together.

The two wrote and produced songs together on "Folklore" and "Evermore" in 2020.

Swift and Dessner collaborated on tracks for the bonus edition of her "Midnights" album.

When the album dropped, he wrote a touching Instagram post. Part of it read, "it's an honor as always to be able to contribute and collaborate with Taylor who never ceases to amaze and delight ..."

Dessner has also been a surprise musical guest at several of Swift's Eras Tour shows.

Ed Sheeran has released a few songs with Swift over the years.

taylor swift ed sheeran jingle ball 2012
Taylor Swift performing with Ed Sheeran in 2012.Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

After seeing that Swift wrote his lyrics on her arm during a 2012 show, Sheeran reached out to her team.

They released their first song together, "Everything Has Changed," that same year on Swift's "Red" album. Swift told MTV in 2012 that they wrote the song together while hanging out in her backyard.

Swift and Sheeran performed their duet at the 2012 Jingle Ball, and they've since performed it on each other's tours. Sheeran even opened for Swift's Red tour.

They rerecorded "Everything Has Changed" for "Red (Taylor's Version)" in 2021, and they released a vault track called "Run," which they'd also started writing back in 2012.

The two have had a friendship outside of their working relationship as well, frequently tagging each other in posts throughout the past decade.

In 2022, the two collaborated once again for Sheeran's "The Joker and the Queen," which the singer had previously released in 2020 as a solo track. The pair made a music video that included actors who were in their original "Everything Has Changed" video from 2012.

Swift's interviews with Fallon show how well the two get along.

Taylor Swift during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on Monday, October 24, 2022
Taylor Swift on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" in 2022.Todd Owyoung/NBC/Getty Images

Swift has appeared on "The Tonight Show" several times over the years.

The singer has a tendency to reveal exclusive scoops to Fallon during their interviews, going back to 2014 when she announced her upcoming Video Music Awards performance.

The two have shared emotional moments together as well. Swift played "New Year's Day" for the first time on TV on Fallon's first episode back after his mom died in 2017.

Two years later, the late-night host actually reached out to Swift's mother to surprise the singer by airing footage her mom caught of her after getting Lasik surgery.

Swift appeared on "The Tonight Show" after the release of "Midnights" to discuss the album, her famous collaborators, and cat breeds.

They also shared some silly photos from a pizza party Fallon hosted, including one of them and some of their other friends making a human pyramid.

Swift wrote a song inspired by Lena Dunham and was even part of the actor's bridal party.

Taylor Swift Lena Dunham
Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham at the 2013 Grammys.Christopher Polk/Getty

After both women exchanged tweets praising each other's work, Dunham and Swift shared a sweet moment together at the 2013 Grammys.

Later that year, the actor tweeted about having a great time at one of Swift's shows during the Red tour.

Dunham also dated Antonoff for years, and the couple was seen with Swift throughout their relationship. When Swift released "You Are in Love" on the "1989" deluxe album in 2014, she even told MTV that the song was inspired by Antonoff and Dunham's relationship.

Dunham was in Swift's "Bad Blood" music video in 2015 and attended the singer's Reputation tour in 2018.

The two have remained close over the years. Swift was even a bridesmaid in Dunham's small wedding ceremony to Luis Felber in 2021.

Blake Lively and Swift have been close friends since 2015.

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Taylor Swift have been friends for a number of years.
Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Taylor Swift have been friends for a number of years.Gotham/Getty Images

Lively started hanging out with Swift in 2015. The two were often photographed together and with the rest of Swift's squad.

In 2016, Lively and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, attended Swift's famous Fourth of July party.

Swift stayed close to them both through her pre-"Reputation" hibernation, a time when the singer was rarely seen out in public and seemed to end or pause many of her high-profile friendships.

The "Reputation" track "Gorgeous," released in 2017, features Lively's daughter James' voice, and Swift went on to feature the names of all of Lively and Reynolds' children, Betty, James, and Inez, throughout "Folklore."

Swift has collaborated with Reynolds as well. He can be spotted in the singer's 2019 music video for "You Need to Calm Down."

Lively also directed Swift's "I Bet You Think About Me" music video in 2021, marking her directorial debut.

The friends have continued to post sweet photos on social media and support each other's projects.

Some fans even think Swift may have secretly announced her fourth child's name on "Midnights" — "You're on Your Own Kid" references an ambiguous "Daisy May."

Katy Perry has had a rocky friendship with Swift, but they seem to be on good terms now.

Katy Perry Taylor Swift
Katy Perry and Taylor Swift posing at an award show.Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Swift and Perry first met at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, where they were photographed alongside Miley Cyrus.

They continued to be seen together at award shows and posted photos and tweets celebrating each other.

In 2010, Perry joined Swift during one of her Fearless shows to sing "Hot N Cold."

But by 2012, tensions between the friends started to rise when Perry began dating Swift's ex, John Mayer.

Their supposed feud made headlines in 2014 after several of Swift's dancers on her Red tour apparently left the show's run early to work with Perry.

Swift seemed to confirm that this was her breaking point with Perry in a 2014 Rolling Stone interview, where she mentioned that another female star "tried to sabotage an entire arena tour." The interview also seemed to confirm that "Bad Blood" was about Perry, and details in the song's music video added to the speculation.

In 2016, Perry attended a Kayne West concert and posted a video showing her dancing along to "Famous," which contains a harsh lyric about Swift. West and Swift have been at odds for years since the rapper famously interrupted Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 VMAs.

But Perry reached out to end their fight in 2018 when she sent Swift a literal olive branch.

She then appeared in Swift's "You Need to Calm Down" video the following year, notably in a scene that shows the two singers embracing.

When Perry had a daughter in 2020, Swift even sent her a hand-embroidered blanket.

Lorde and Swift had a close friendship that seems to have faded over the past few years.

taylor and lorde
Taylor Swift and Lorde at the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar after-party.Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Lorde and Swift met in 2014 — Lorde told Fallon that Swift sent her flowers after a show and went with her to Shake Shack after. Throughout that year, they were seen together consistently.

Swift even told PopCrush that Lorde was the first person to hear her full "1989" album.

"She's one of my favorite people to kind of bounce ideas off of — she gives really good advice," she told the publication.

But in 2017, reports circulated about the two singers fighting, which started after Lorde mentioned the difficulties of being in the public eye with Swift.

While speaking to The Guardian about her friendship with Swift that year, Lorde said, "It's like having a friend with very specific allergies. There are certain places you can't go together. Certain things you can't do. There are these different sets of considerations within the friendship. It's like having a friend with an autoimmune disease."

Per Nylon, Lorde later tweeted an apology after a fan highlighted the comment on the social-media platform. In the now-deleted tweet, she wrote, "Didn't mention taylor, but regardless, i fucked up & that was really insensitive. i'm sorry."

The two have not been seen together much in the years since, despite both working closely with Antonoff.

Swift and Gigi Hadid have consistently supported each other during their eight years of friendship.

taylor swift gigi hadid karlie kloss mtv vmas
Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid at the 2015 VMAs.Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The first evidence of Swift and Hadid's friendship was posted by the model herself, who shared a picture of them at an Oscars party in 2014.

Hadid quickly became part of Swift's squad, and they were frequently spotted out together.

The model also appeared in the "Bad Blood" music video, and she joined Swift onstage during the 1989 tour in 2015.

The two have continued to say positive things about each other throughout the years, both in interviews and via social-media posts cheering each other on.

When Hadid's daughter was born in 2020, Swift also sent her a handmade blanket.

The friends still appear to be on good terms. They're often photographed hanging out together in New York.

Emma Stone was one of Swift's earliest celebrity friends, but the two haven't publicly interacted in years.

Emma Stone and Taylor Swift at the "Easy A" premiere on September 13, 2010.
Emma Stone and Taylor Swift at the "Easy A" premiere on September 13, 2010.John Shearer/Getty Images

Stone met Swift at the 2008 Young Hollywood Awards and later brought Swift to the premiere of "Easy A" in 2010.

Per Digital Spy, in a 2011 PopSugar interview, Swift mentioned Stone as one of her closest friends, along with Gomez.

The two continued to be spotted together over the next few years, and Stone brought her then-boyfriend Andrew Garfield to Swift's 2014 Fourth of July party.

Although E! News reported that the actor attend one of Swift's 1989 tour dates in 2015, she was never brought onstage like other members of the squad.

Some fans speculated that Swift made a secret cameo in Stone's 2021 film "Cruella." And more recently, Stone attended one of Swift's Eras Tour shows.

Todrick Hall was a fan of Swift before they ever collaborated together.

todrick hall taylor swift
Todrick Hall and Taylor Swift at the 2019 VMAs.Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Hall first caught Swift's attention in 2015 after posting a video of himself singing a harmonized compilation of her greatest hits. Swift tweeted out praise for the video and invited Hall to meet her backstage during the 1989 tour later that year.

They then worked together on her 2019 music video for "You Need to Calm Down," which listed them both as executive producers. Hall can also be seen in the video walking around a trailer park.

Fun footage of Hall and Swift getting ready together before the Video Music Awards that year was also shown in her "Miss Americana" documentary.

The two are still very supportive of one another on social media, but they haven't been seen together as much in recent years.

Zoë Kravitz and Swift have been low-key friends for years.

Zoë in a pink strapless column dress with a bow on the neckline.
Zoë Kravitz at the 2022 Oscars.Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Kravitz and Swift were spotted together at events and dinners as early as 2016. They've been friends since Swift's squad era and seemed to remain close after the rest of the friendship group started to dissolve.

According to Women's Wear Daily, they were even in the same quarantine bubble in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this year, Swift praised Kravitz's performance as Catwoman in "The Batman" and called the film "phenomenal."

Kravitz also has a writing credit on two tracks of "Midnights": "Lavender Haze" and "Karma." Swift thanked Kravitz for her collaboration on the album in an Instagram post.

Swift featured Lana Del Rey in her song "Snow on the Beach."

taylor swift lana del rey
Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey at the 2012 MTV EMAs.Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Swift and Del Rey were both honored at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards, where Del Rey won in the best alternative category and presented Swift with the award for best female artist.

Swift then mentioned Del Rey in a 2019 interview on "The Zane Lowe Show," saying the singer was tied for her "favorite lyricist" along with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz.

Del Rey has also worked with Antonoff, and most recently, she was a featured vocalist on the "Midnights" track "Snow on the Beach." But listeners were quick to point out that she had an unexpectedly minor part in the song.

Brendon Urie and Swift praised each other's work for years before they ever worked together on "ME!"

taylor swift brendon urie bbmas 2019
Brendon Urie and Taylor Swift performing at the Billboard Music Awards in 2019.Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Urie, best known as the front-runner of Panic! at the Disco, told PopCrush in 2014 that he wanted to work with Swift.

He was also spotted at one of Swift's Reputation shows in 2018 before covering her song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" on a Twitch live stream.

When Swift was on the cover of Elle in April 2019, she praised the Panic! at the Disco song "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" and mentioned that she used to scream along to it with her long-time best friend Abigail Anderson Berard.

Later that month, "ME!," was released as the lead single of Swift's "Lover" album. The song featured Urie and Swift singing together, and Urie has a writing credit on the track as well.

The "ME!" music video shows both musicians surrounded by their respective aesthetics.

Behind-the-scenes footage of Urie and Swift recording the track and discussing the music video was also shown in Swift's "Miss Americana" documentary.

Swift's friendship with Cara Delevingne made frequent headlines during her "1989" era.

taylor swift with her bad blood squad at the 2015 mtv video music awards vmas
Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift at the 2015 MTV VMAs.Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Delevingne was one of several famous friends who Swift met during her performance at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

The two were often photographed together when Swift was in New York City with her squad.

Delevigne was also featured in the 2015 "Bad Blood" music video as "Mother Chucker," and she attended a Philadelphia show of the 1989 tour.

When Justin Bieber criticized Swift's handling of her situation with Braun in 2019, Delevingne publicly defended her.

Swift and Delevingne still sporadically pop up on each other's social media feeds — including when Swift gifted the model with a "Folklore" cardigan when the album was released in 2020.

Karlie Kloss was a main member of Swift's squad, but the two haven't been seen together in years.

taylor swift karlie kloss
Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss seemed to be close friends.Raymond Hall / Getty Images

Kloss also met Swift during the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

The two took a trip together to Big Sur in 2014 and shared plenty of photos on Instagram, most of which have since been deleted. But Kloss still has pictures of a daisy on a car dashboard, writing in the sand, and plenty of selfies of the duo up on her page from that time.

The friends also got ready for the 2014 Met Gala together and were spotted in New York City throughout the year. Later that year, they attended the American Music Awards together and Swift returned to perform at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

In a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone, Swift also said that Kloss frequently stayed over in one of the guest bedrooms in her New York City apartment. The two appeared to be so close, that some fans started speculating they were even in a romantic relationship.

Throughout 2015, they were consistently photographed together with other members of Swift's squad and were even featured together on the cover of Vogue.

In May 2015, the model was one of the many celebrities featured in the "Bad Blood" music video.

Swift then rented an NYC apartment near Kloss' in 2016, and the two continued to post about each other throughout the year.

Reports that their friendship ended in 2017 were temporarily squashed after Kloss posted a selfie with Swift at the Reputation tour in 2018.

But in 2019, Kloss vacationed with Braun after her wedding to Joshua Kushner, which Swift did not appear to attend.

Fans were shocked when Kloss attended an LA show of Swift's Eras Tour despite rumors that the friends had fallen out years ago.

Swift and Rodrigo have shared some cute social-media interactions over the years.

olivia rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo at the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards.JC Olivera/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Rodrigo rose to fame on "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series," and the young star made her love of Swift known early on in her career by covering "1989" track "Cruel Summer" online in 2020.

Swift then reposted the video, kicking off their cute back-and-forth of online support. The "Midnights" singer even sent Rodrigo a handwritten note and a ring.

Rodrigo later sampled one of Swift's songs, "New Year's Day," on her "Sour" track "1 step forward, 3 steps back" and retroactively added the artist as a cowriter on "Deja Vu."

But with the release of Rodrigo's sophomore album, "Guts," some fans are speculating that "The Grudge" was inspired by a rumored feud between Rodrigo and Swift.

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