Mass testing for Covid-19 and a messy Brexit

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<span>Photograph: AFP/Getty</span>
Photograph: AFP/Getty

We should not unquestioningly accept the government’s line that mass testing has played a crucial role in bringing infection rates down in Liverpool (A tale of two cities: Manchester, Liverpool and the journey of Covid tiers, 26 November). When the infection rate in Liverpool was high, so were the rates in the neighbouring boroughs of Sefton, Knowsley, Halton and Wirral. In the last few weeks, while mass testing has been restricted to Liverpool, the infection rates have tracked down not only in the city but also these four neighbouring boroughs. Boris Johnson is not a scientist. His Liverpool experiment needs to be evaluated properly.
Dr Simon Warne
Sefton, Merseyside

• As we hobbits in tier 3 Kent are told to isolate ourselves and not leave the county, has anyone in government given any thought to what will happen on 1 January when the crises of Covid and Brexit coincide? The Covid rates in Dover and Ramsgate are among the highest in the country, so what is to happen to all the thousands of lorry drivers crossing in both directions? Are they allowed no comfort stops? And if they are delayed, will they be required to lock themselves in their cabs?
Stephen Bates
Deal, Kent