Maryland Cookies Just Announced Not One, But TWO New Flavours

Anna Lewis
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No matter what time you choose to settle down with a cuppa (are you into elevenses or do you need a tea at 4pm to combat the afternoon slump?), it’s always better with a cookie… or two… or three… or the whole packet.

Maryland knows full that we’re a nation of cookie chompers, so the iconic biscuit company is keeping us on our toes with not one, but TWO new flavoured choc chip cookies.

The first of the delicious new flavours is It’s Mint To Be. These cookies have both mint and chocolate cocoa infused into the dough and are overflowing with moreish chocolate chips and crunchy sugar pearls.

Now, technically, Maryland has done mint choc chip cookies before, but those just had mint choc chips in them. This new flavour has mint in the actual cookie too. So, if mint chocolate is your thing, these are a whole new level of deliciousness.

Photo credit: Maryland
Photo credit: Maryland

The second flavour is Hazelnutter. This new flavour is stuffed full of real roasted hazelnuts and chocolate chips. I mean, when has that combination ever not worked?

Photo credit: Maryland
Photo credit: Maryland

So that’s the good news… the bad news is that both these flavours are limited edition, so we don’t know how long they’ll be sticking around for. Maybe stock up with enough cookies to keep you going until 2035?

The It’s Mint To Be cookies go on sale in Sainsbury’s from 7th February and Tesco 22nd February.

And the Hazelnutters are available in Asda on 22nd March exclusively for one month, and Tesco from 22nd April. Both will set you back £1.35 a packet.

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