Mary McCartney found forging her own identity 'overwhelming'

Mary McCartney struggled to forge her own path credit:Bang Showbiz
Mary McCartney struggled to forge her own path credit:Bang Showbiz

Mary McCartney found it "overwhelming" figuring out her "own path".

The 53-year-old photographer - who is the daughter of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney and his late first wife Linda - admitted she was "confused" about how she could step out of the shadow of her famous parents when she was younger.

She said: "Finding my own path was overwhelming at times. Working out how to make my own mark felt confusing. I loved taking pictures, but assumed everyone could. Then one day a friend showed me her awful holiday snaps and I realised maybe I did have something."

While the 'If These Walls Could Sing' director acknowledged her familial connections "opened doors" for her at the beginning of her career, she doesn't think she'd have carried on working for so many years if she wasn't talented enough.

She told Observer magazine: "I think a lot about how my surname shaped my career. Yes, the name opened doors at the start, but that’s not sustainable. I wouldn’t have got gigs for so long, I don’t think, if people didn’t like what I delivered."

The photographer had an "adventurous" childhood and despite travelling the world with her parents, Mary insisted she and her siblings Heather, Stella and James, never found their glamorous life "particularly interesting".

She said: "Adventurous is how I’d describe my childhood. Our parents [Paul and Linda McCartney] toured the world, and we went, too. It was full of contrasts.

"In remote, quiet corners, we’d have nature-filled family time. Then we’d watch them fill stadiums, have our car chased and be stared at all the time.

"None of us kids found them particularly interesting."

Mary regards her siblings as her "best friends".

She said: "My siblings are still my best friends. Stella and I in particular have a real closeness. We’re two years apart, and shared a bedroom growing up. On the road we only had each other for entertainment. We check in with each other every morning."