Mary J. Blige's managers once sent her to etiquette school

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Mary J. Blige's managers sent her to etiquette school when she was first starting out in Hollywood.

The R&B superstar took manners and posture classes, but the idea of becoming more polished was not a good fit for the Family Affair singer.

"They tried to change me earlier in my career," she recalled in a chat with the New York Post. "They did send me to etiquette school, and all types of stuff, but I just couldn't feel it because I didn't feel like myself.

"I just did it because that is just who I was - and I wasn't standing upright. I had to grow into these gowns, and grow into walking with my back up straight."

The multiple Grammy winner is currently celebrating the release of her documentary, Mary J. Blige's My Life, in which she looks back over her impressive career.

However, Mary insisted having fame and fortune didn't always make her happy.

"I don't care if I have $1 billion. Just because you have money, it means nothing if you are not happy in your heart, and your spirit, and with yourself," the 50-year-old declared, before adding of her upbringing in Yonkers, New York: "If I did not have music... I probably wouldn't be here. There were so many things that happened... My mom struggling to raise us as a single mother. My dad not being around as a little kid, letting us struggle in a place that was terrible. I love him and respect him now, but I was angry for years about it."

The film is now available to stream via Amazon Prime Video.

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