Mary Berry's genius hack for baking a quick Victoria Sponge cake

Anya Meyerowitz
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Mary Berry has given us so much to be grateful for: from the best chocolate cake we have ever had to years of GBBO wholesomeness, she has kept us entertained, helped us to become better bakers (something we've been particularly grateful for during lockdown) and generally inspired us with her life story.

So you can imagine our delight when we found the star gracing our screens once more, in the BBC2 series, Celebrity Best Home Cook. That's right, every Saturday afternoon you can sit down with a cup of tea and watch a gaggle of celebrities battle it out to win the culinary contest, under the watchful eye of Mary, Angela Hartnett and Chris Bavin.

And watching the Queen of Cakes dish out advice to celebrities — including Ed Balls, comedian Desiree Burch and Welsh rugby legend Gareth Thomas — reminds us of a very clever tip for our Victoria Sponge cakes, and if you're an impatient baker, this will change your life.

Sharing the hack in her Telegraph column, Mary advises that bakers shun the traditional method of creaming sugar and butter together and instead just mix baking spread into a concoction of sugar, eggs, flour and baking powder until it's smooth.

The TV star explained: 'I no longer prepare a Victoria sandwich with the traditional creaming and folding methods, as this all-in-one method gives excellent results every time. All that creaming of butter and sugar. I never seem to have the butter soft enough. And then the tins have to be lined and everything has to be just so.'

This all-in-one method can take as little as five minutes, and those eating the cake would never be able to tell. Less time baking and more timing eating cake in front of Netflix? We're in.

You can find Mary Berry's Victoria Sandwich cake recipe here, and you can catch up with Celebrity Best Home Cook on Saturdays at 12pm at or on BBC Iplayer.

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