Marvel fans spot heartbreaking parallel between two of the franchise's big bads


If there's one thing Marvel loves, it's an Easter egg, and beady-eyed fans have caught the latest one in the form of Echo’s villain Kingpin imitating a major MCU baddie.

Posted on Reddit, one fan pointed out that in Echo, the scene where Kingpin and a young Maya hold hands and walk away together, is eerily similar to the moment in Avengers: Infinity War where Thanos and Gamora are pictured in the same fashion. “So if Kingpin is the ‘street level Thanos," the user stated, “does that mean Maya is his Gamora?”

The comparison caused a major shock in the chain with one fan stating, “This hit hard,” whilst another added, “Two evil bald men and their adoptive daughters who they claim to love but actually are just too manipulative and use them. He really is street-level Thanos.” See the full post and image below.

In case you need a little recap, Thanos, who made his first MCU appearance in The Avengers, is the adoptive father of Guardians of the Galaxy’s Gamora. The pair have a rather complex relationship since Thanos raised Gamora after he destroyed her home planet and killed her family. Not only this but Thanos is often manipulative and abusive toward Gamora, making their dynamic significant to both MCU and comic book storylines.

Now the reason that the fan is comparing Thanos to Kingpin, is not only because of the similarities between the scenes as shown in the image above but because Kingpin also raised Echo lead Maya Lopez as his own daughter in the comics after killing her father Willie ‘Crazy Horse’ Lincoln. In the MCU, he also helped raise Maya. Coincidence? We don't think so.

Further down the post, other fans made more comparisons between Echo and the wider MCU. “Is Dex his Nebula?” asked one Reddit user, “Does this mean Daredevil is his Tony Stark?” said another, whilst one fan put the cherry on top of the thread with “Then in comes Deadpool to complete team red. Wildcard, bitches!!” Multiverse of madness indeed.

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