Martine McCutcheon's fans say star 'doesn't age' as she posts steamy shower video

Martine McCutcheon
-Credit: (Image: martinemccutcheon/instagram)

Martine McCutcheon left little to the imagination as she shared a steamy shower video, sending her fans into a frenzy. The 48-year-old stunner and former EastEnders actress knows exactly how to turn heads, whether she's dazzling in glamorous dresses or flaunting her figure in chic swimwear.

On Thursday (30 May), Martine set pulses racing with an intimate glimpse into her evening routine, posting a tantalising video that had her followers gushing. Teaming up with Imperial Leather UK for a promotional advert, she invited her fans to peek at her relaxation rituals, which included yoga, stretching, and of course, a luxurious shower.

The soap star dared to bare as she stepped into the shower, later emerging in only a snug white bathrobe. Alongside the video, she penned: "Hello Everyone... I have loved using @loveimperialleather since I was child! ".

"It reminds me of snuggles, after a lovely bath in soft, fluffy towels and generally the feeling of being comforted.. and I hope you remember to take the time to look after you and that you enjoy these gorgeous body washes from Imperial Leather as much as I do. Lots of love to you all.."

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Fans couldn't help but gush over Martine in the comments section. One fan wrote: "Beautiful." Another chimed in: "You are STILL so BEAUTIFUL @martinemccutcheon What's the secret? ! " A third added: "Yet another nice and lovely video as always."

Known for openly discussing her health struggles, Martine, 47, admitted to "literally burning up" due to the effects of what she referred to as "that certain time in life." However, she had a tip for her followers on how to lift their spirits - an indulgent bath.

In April, she took to Instagram to share her "ritual", which she says has been her go-to for "decades." Speaking to her 617,000 followers, she said: "If you ever feel crappy (like I do right now - oh laryngitis, you're just the best!) I highly recommend the following ritual - I have been doing this for decades and I swear it will lift your mood. Run a hot, bubble bath, light some beautiful candles, play your favourite music for your current mood and then put on some lipstick and the biggest f*** off pair of chandelier earrings you can find!"

She concluded: "Sink in the bath, holding a champagne or wine glass (whatever feels fabulous to you) and pour something deliciously chilled to drink and then just stop, take a lovely deep breath. And exhale. Repeat a few times. Let it all go. Elizabeth Taylor eat your heart out."