Martin Lewis says King Charles asked for a brief on the energy crisis

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, money saving expert Martin Lewis revealed that King Charles asked him for a briefing document on the consumer energy crisis when he was receiving his CBE at the palace.

Video transcript

MARTIN LEWIS: I received, a few months ago, my CBE from, then, Prince Charles. And probably this rounds off the program that we've done today. Because he spoke to me. And what happens when you get one of these, they have so many briefs them on who you are, just beforehand, in their ear, so you always feel, wow, how did they know so much about me. And he said to me, I won't do the impression it's tempting, but let's not. I hear you were doing wonderful work for people during the pandemic.

And I said, well, it feels we've moved on from that now sir, we are now in a cost of living crisis. And I'm of course, this was before recent announcements, I am incredibly worried about the difficulties this winter. And we spoke for just after a minute, and then just before I went, he said, if you wouldn't mind, would you provide me with a briefing note on exactly what's happening. Well, I wrote that note, I sent it. I heard later, it went around, not just the now King, but also his son, and other members of the royal household. So they are trying to keep informed on what's going on with the population.

- And to be clear, this was not a briefing note that he wanted for his royal household.


- This was a briefing note he wanted, so that he understood what was happening in--

MARTIN LEWIS: --the consumer energy crisis.

- Yeah, and good for you for providing it. And it just goes to show our King is going to need to keep informed, isn't he? We are in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, as the transition happens.