Martin Lewis has complained about being snubbed by the TV Baftas, claiming he has never been invited to the awards ceremony

The Good Morning Britain guest host celebrated his 50th birthday while presenting the TV show the morning after the Baftas, but couldn't help letting slip a sour note as co-host Susanna Reid and entertainment reporter Richard Arnold discussed the awards and red carpet.

Credit: Good Morning Britain / ITV / ITV Hub

Video transcript

RICHARD ARNOLD: Tight-lipped Russell T just like my mate Joe. But everybody else was-- absolutely--

MARTIN LEWIS: I am slightly concerned looking at that, but the cost of living crisis means she couldn't afford a shirt.

RICHARD ARNOLD: Yes, which seems-- which seems a real shame as far as I-- I should say I'm not engaging in this conversation because I've never been invited to the BAFTAs, still haven't. But you all carry on after your lovely night.


MARTIN LEWIS: I do need a loo.



MARTIN LEWIS: I need a loo at some point. Maybe you carry on and I'll just--

RICHARD ARNOLD: Well, despite the fact that your invite is a glaring omission.

MARTIN LEWIS: The British on tele was [INAUDIBLE].

RICHARD ARNOLD: Yes, yes. The best over-- the rest of the best of British was that--