Martin Compston dashes hopes for more Line Of Duty soon

Line Of Duty star Martin Compston has admitted there is "nothing immediate" in the pipeline when it comes to a new series. The sixth season of writer Jed Mercurio's BBC police drama aired last year and there has been much talk about whether fans will get another instalment from AC-12. Compston - who stars as DI Steve Arnott in the hit show - shared an update as he appeared on Good Morning Britain, telling viewers there was nothing set in stone yet.

Video transcript

- And I know everybody at home's shouting at the telly, ask him, is he coming back? If anybody can ask him what's going on, it's me. So come on, then, what's happening?

- You've got to tell him.

- [? [INAUDIBLE] ?] tell anyone?

MARTIN COMPSTON: Esther, thank god, I mean, you were actually present, I believe, at the last big conversation we had about it in April when you hosted the fundraiser for my local hospice. And Jed, Adrian, and Vicky were there. Look, nothing's changed. I'm really chuffed. We're all delighted that people still want us back. At that conversation, we could have sort of a really honest one, like whether we were all up for doing it again, and I believe we all are. But unfortunately, at this point in time, there's nothing immediate. There's nothing coming very soon. But I think we'd all like to at some point. It's just, oh, get this together.

But yeah, I mean, but I think probably the best thing would be to wait from official confirmation from us. Because it's not fair to the fans either in terms of it coming and out, and people getting excited and not knowing what's going to happen. So I think probably wait for confirmation from us. But unfortunately, there's nothing immediate.