Martin Clunes stuns Good Morning Britain viewers by appearing in pyjamas: ‘The ultimate boss move’

Louis Chilton

Martin Clunes caught the attention of Good Morning Britain viewers early today when he was interviewed while wearing his pyjamas.

The Men Behaving Badly star spoke to host Piers Morgan via video link to try and raise money for the charity Guide Dogs UK, but left the presenter in red-faced laughter with his choice of casual attire.

The ITV audience responded similarly, with many taking to Twitter to voice their feelings on Clunes’ appearance.

One user wrote: “At last a celebrity actually coming across as a normal person during lockdown!”

Another described it as “by far the best thing [they’ve] seen on TV so far in this lockdown”. Clunes was also praised for coming across as “a real human being”.

“Coming on #GMB in his jammies is the ultimate boss move,” said someone else.

Other reactions were a little more irreverant. One tweeter, for instance, joked that ”all Martin Clunes needed to finish off the look was an open can of Stella”.

Another commented that it was a good job that Clunes doesn’t opt to sleep naked.

Clunes himself made light of his appearance, joking that he “had no access to the makeup I so desperately need”.

The interview was conducted to publicise his upcoming attempt to break the world record for the largest virtual tea party, which will take place at 3pm today, in aid of charity.

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