Martha Stewart's Go-To Travel Foods For Better Mile-High Meals

martha stewart surrounded by food
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We can all agree that airplane food isn't exactly five-star cuisine, and some airlines cut out meals entirely. But Martha Stewart doesn't let that fact stand in the way of her eating sublime food in the air -- and neither should we. According to The New York Times, Stewart said to prepare for long flights, she takes "some very good food that I know I'll want to eat on the plane." And that's the key here: Instead of scarfing down some questionable chicken and cheese, bring meals you'll look forward to consuming.

For her main entree, Stewart says she'll bring a smoked salmon sandwich on seven-grain bread. But Stewart doesn't stop there when it comes to bringing high-quality airplane food. In addition to a tasty smoked salmon sandwich, the chef opts for a tabbouleh salad and homemade yogurt with applesauce. Tabbouleh is a Mediterranean appetizer or salad typically based around bulgur wheat, although it also includes chopped tomatoes, parsley, mint, green onions, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Fresh herbs are the key here, so don't opt for dried in this instance, and you'll be rewarded with a zesty, nutritious salad on the plane.

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Martha Stewart Brings Hard-Boiled Eggs For Everyone She Travels With

smoked salmon sandwich on bagel
smoked salmon sandwich on bagel - Elena Shashkina/Shutterstock

There are quite a few ways to whip up a smoked salmon sandwich before your flight: You can make a classic sandwich with tomato, lettuce, cheese, and mayo featuring the fish, or a lox bagel-inspired version with cream cheese, red onion, tomato, and capers. If you'd prefer to branch out from seven-grain bread, you can also try using a bagel or black bread, which is a tangy Russian type that pairs well with fish. Whichever option you choose, the protein in the fish should keep you full for the duration of your flight, and the tangy, fresh ingredients will be much tastier than a hastily prepared airplane meal.

The finishing touch to the chef's airplane meals? "My hard-boiled eggs are just so much better than any eggs on the plane," she told The New York Times, mentioning that she brings eggs from her chickens for everyone she's with. While you may not have access to your own chickens to copy this part, you can take your own hard-boiled eggs with you as solid food items are TSA-approved to make it through security.

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