Martha Stewart 'surprised' Gwyneth Paltrow mentioned her in Goop commercial

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Martha Stewart has responded to Gwyneth Paltrow mentioning her in her Goop commercial.

After Gwyneth mentioned the television personality in the advertisement for her lifestyle and wellness brand, Martha reacted to the name-drop.

"I was surprised that I was a part of her commercial and flattered that she wanted to take my call," Martha recalled in an interview with Page Six published on Tuesday. "I was calling to tell her that I have my own gift guide and I thought she might want my puffer jacket."

In the advertisement released on Monday for Goop's annual over-the-top guide, Gwyneth received an alleged call from Martha.

"Martha Stewart is on the line," a voice announced in the clip, to which the Iron Man star replied, "Guys, I gotta take this. It sounds urgent."

In response to Martha's offer for a puffer jacket, the actress responded, "Martha kindly offered me a puffer... as luck would have it, I already got one from Snoop (Dogg)!"

Martha became friends with the rapper in 2008, and the pair have collaborated on projects since.

Though Martha wasn't aware that her call would feature in a Goop commercial, a source told Page Six she wasn't angry when it was included.

"They've always had a bit of back and forth. It's all in good fun," the unnamed insider claimed, calling the mention "a bit of a wink" to Martha's previous comments on the brand.