Martha Stewart mourns loss of six peacocks ‘devoured’ by coyotes

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Martha Stewart is mourning the death of her pet peacocks after they were “devoured” by a pack of “aggressive” coyotes.

The TV personality, 80, announced the sad news on Instagram on Saturday (23 July) and shared a video of one of her late pets, named Blue Boy.

In the short clip, Blue Boy is seen fanning his feathers at her home in Katonah, New York, while Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” plays in the background.

“RIP beautiful Blue Boy,” Stewart captioned the post. “The coyotes came in broad daylight and devoured him and five others, including the magnificent White Boy.”

She called on the advice of her followers, asking: “Any solutions for getting rid of six large and aggressive coyotes who have expensive tastes when it comes to poultry??”

“We are no longer allowing the peafowl out of their yard; we are enclosing the top of their large yard with wire fencing etc.

“And by the way I do not have any idea how the Marvin Gaye music found its way to this sad post, but when Blue Boy was alive it would have been perfectly appropriate.”

The animals’ deaths follows shortly after Stewart revealed in November 2021 that her peacocks and peahens were being “liberated” as she was allowing them “daylight freedom – aka run of the farm”.

“They have to return at twilight to their secure Palais for the night when the wild predators make the rounds of the chicken coops, pigeon house and geese yard,” she wrote on Instagram.

“The peacocks are so friendly and sociable and clean they are welcome everywhere. And they are beautiful.”

Stewart also keeps horses, Sicilian donkeys, homing pigeons, geese, as well as more than 200 hens and roosters on the 156-acre farm.

In May, Stewart set the record straight about the number of peacocks she owns (previously 21) after The New York Post claimed she had 16 birds.

Writing on Twitter, Stewart branded the article “fake news”.

“I actually have 21 of these glorious birds whose house is impeccable,” she said at the time.

She also rebuked the writer’s comments that peacocks are extremely loud, writing that her pets are “fun to hear”.

“They do not smell. They are so clean! Their voices are loud but such fun to hear. They are so friendly,” she added.

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