This Marshmallow Toasting Set Is The Answer To Perfect S'mores

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This Marshmallow Toasting Set Is The Answer To Perfect S'mores

If there's one thing us Brits could do with having a helping hand in, it's s'mores. Yes, they're not exactly difficult to make, but they can be messy.

So, this Marshmallow Toasting Set (courtesy of B&M) is perfect.

Featuring an electric flameless heater, compartment trays and metal forks, this thing is ideal for making delicious-tasting s'mores. Not to mention, it's super safe!

Perfect for nights in with the family or camping trips with your mates, this is a must-buy in our books (especially if you're a fan of all things marshmallow and chocolate, like us).

First spotted online via New Foods UK on Instagram, the kit will set you back just £20.

And it doesn't stop there, B&M is selling all sorts of DIY kits including a Brownie Maker, Candyfloss Maker, Chocolate Fondue and more!

Speaking of s'mores, have you tried Marks and Spencer's Gimme S'mores Brownie?

The dessert, which has gone down very, very, VERY well on social media, is a sharing-size brownie covered in milk chocolate, marshmallows and biscuit pieces. We know, it sounds amazing as-is, but what's everyone going mad for?

Well, here’s where the magic happens: you pop the brownie (which serves four… or one if you’re greedy like us), into the oven or under the grill for eight minutes and all that brilliant stuff on top with melt and go all gooey, giving you the greatest s’mores brownie of your life (apart from ours, of course...)

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