Marry me – today! Surprise wedding for bride who had no idea

Colleen Lippert had the shock of her life on Saturday when her partner surprised her with her dream wedding – on the same day that he proposed.

Colleen’s long-term partner, Shawn Lippert popped the question and then whisked his bride-to-be off to their wedding.

Shawn had spent the past year gathering information about his future wife’s desired wedding day, to add to his plan dubbed, “Operation White Cake”. Discreetly asking questions Shawn noted every detail down from the décor to the type of cake and began to plan the surprise.

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It was like something from the TV show ‘Don’t tell the bride’ - but with a clueless bride and no production crew.

Colleen thought she was attending a retirement party but was shocked when she realized she had showing up for her own wedding.

The Canadian couple, who have been together seven years, had been thinking of getting married since last spring.

Shawn made sure to keep his plan a secret by convincing Colleen they should elope in Vegas early September.

So when Colleen turned up at the location, picked by her with all the trimmings she had suggested, she was “overwhelmed and overjoyed”.

“He did a wonderful job, it was perfect,” Colleen told Canadian news station CBC’s Connect. “I didn't even have to think about it. I just had to be a part of it and go with the flow.”

Shawn says he plans to milk his existing status as “most romantic guy in the world” for as long as he can.

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