Married At First Sight UK fans have same complaint about pairings

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Photo credit: E4
Photo credit: E4

What a summer of love we're having! It all started with Too Hot to Handle, moved seamlessly into a new series of Love Island and now we've arrived at Married at First Sight UK. We're pretty early into what looks to be a dramatic season (we're looking at you Nikita) and already fans are already taking to Twitter to air exactly the same complaint: that the couple pairings make absolutely no sense.

We've definitely seen this on MAFS before, but this time viewers are feeling pretty strongly that the couple pairings are totally off, with many of them pointing out that it makes no sense for the experts to have paired Morag, who says she doesn't want children, with Luke, who says he does - something viewers were pretty baffled by since it seems like it would be a bit of a sticking point.

Many fans took to Twitter to joke about the so-called "experts" who match the couples, while others speculated that the chaotic pairings were probably more to do with getting the drama than actually pairing people in the right couples.

Mainly, people are just hoping this series - designed to be more like the Australian version - will be equally as dramatic.

Like I said, the summer of love...

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