A new Married At First Sight groom is living with Jessika Powers

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Photo credit: Instagram/Jessika Powers
Photo credit: Instagram/Jessika Powers

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Married At First Sight Australia is the gift that keeps on giving. After we recovered from the initial drama, we got stuck into the conspiracy theories (rumour has it Cam and Jules knew each other before the show - what?!) And now? One of the new contestants has revealed he's living with Jessika Powers from season six.

Cameron Dunne is one of the contestants on the upcoming eighth series of MAFSA, which aired in Aus for the first time yesterday [22 February 2021]. In a promotional interview for the show, he revealed he was actually living with Jess from season six. We have lots of questions.

"Jess is actually my housemate - we currently live together on the Gold Coast," the 32-year-old camera operator told New Idea. "When I needed a place to stay, it just came up that she was able to take me in. I'm quiet close to her brother, Rhyce, so it kind of just happened from there.

Cameron added that the fact Jess has been through the experience has been a big help, adding, "It's been really nice living with her because she and Rhyce have been through the whole process of MAFS before - they've got firsthand experience that not too many people do."

The contestant is set to marry mother-of-two Samantha Jayne in an upcoming episode. Jess, meanwhile, recently went public with her new boyfriend Filip Poznanovic.

We just know we're going to be tuning in to season eight as soon as we can.

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