Has this Married At First Sight Australia star reunited with her ex?

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Photo credit: Channel 4/Nine Productions
Photo credit: Channel 4/Nine Productions

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One of the stand out storylines from season six of Married At First Sight Australia was the love triangle between Sam Ball, Ines Basic and Lizzie Sobinoff. Seriously, it was INTENSE.

And while Sam has since suggested the affair was egged on by producers, Lizzie has had a whole other dramatic storyline of her own, after returning to the show for series seven. Yep, she got married at first sight... again!

*Spoilers* In the seventh season, Lizzie was paired with Seb Guilhaus, and the duo were introduced to the show as an "intruder" couple. While they ended the process successfully, Lizzie announced they had gone their separate ways last month.

She wrote on Instagram, "We have mutually decided to end our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. We want to thank everyone for the endless support we have received on our platforms. Please be kind and respectful. We are aware you have followed parts of our journey, but please remember we are real people, and we are both navigating our way through this time to the best of our abilities."

Since then, though, fans have been wondering whether the pair are actually back together, after Lizzie took to Instagram Stories again yesterday [30 January] to thank a special someone for their recent support.

"When you wake up in the middle of the night and go... f*** did I really go on reality TV?!" Elizabeth wrote. "A regular occurrence. The s*** I do... Not knocking it."

The MAFSA star continued, "I've met some pretty cool people, one person in particular who changed my world. I think you know who that person is. I've met some intense people. Some down right narcissistic idiots. Most people are beautiful. I'm so lucky to have encountered some vibrant personalities."

She finished, "But seriously I live in my own head and really say to myself... 'Wow, yes I did go on reality TV. Not once, but twice. And an added reunion, and then end it with another. F***."

Does this mean Lizzie and Seb are back together? Did she get her Married At First Sight Australia happy ending? Can we agree that going on the show twice was completely bonkers?

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