Married At First Sight Australia season six's most dramatic moments

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Photo credit: Channel Nine
Photo credit: Channel Nine

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Calling all Married At First Sight Australia fans. The extreme dating show has been our TV saviour throughout lockdown thanks to its wall-to-wall drama and the fact each season features more than 30 epic episodes. E4 has almost finished airing Married At First Sight season six, a series that first premiered in 2019, but we're still reeling from some of the most WTF scenes. Here are five of the most dramatic moments from across the season:

Ines and Sam's affair

After Ines Bašić sent a sneaky message to Sam Ball on Instagram, the pair eventually ended up going on a date before spending the night together in Sam's room. In episode 17 during a tense commitment ceremony (and following spiralling rumours among the couples), the betrayal finally came out. When the panel asked Ines's husband Bronson Norish how he felt about them going behind his back, he said he was more disappointed with Sam because he initially denied the rumours.

After Sam was asked what's next for him and Ines, he admitted he regretted the whole affair and if he could go back he would never have accepted her Instagram message. Awkward. After seeing Ines smiling throughout the whole exchange, Cyrell jumped in: "You've just ruined a marriage and you're sitting there smiling. Your husband is looking like a piece of s**t." Ines only agreed to come back to the ceremony if Cyrell agreed to leave the room.

Ines and Bronson's relationship

From the get-go Ines and Bronson's relationship was basically doomed, to put it delicately. Bronson said Ines told him to take his eyebrow ring out on their wedding day and she also made no secret of the fact she hated that he used to be a stripper. Things went from bad to terrible on their honeymoon when they had a huge row during a boat trip and Ines demanded to be taken back to shore.

When it came to the first commitment ceremony, the pair made their feelings clear but still decided to stay together - though Ines's decision was fuelled by the fact she wanted to stay in the competition to hook up with Sam. They both eventually opted to leave when the affair came to light.

Ines and Liz's argument over Sam

In episode 15 the girls all enjoyed a night out on the Gold Coast, but drinks soon descended into drama when Cyrell Paule took Elizabeth Sobinoff to one side to tell her she heard about Ines and Sam hanging out in the sauna. "Whether they kissed or hooked up, I don't know," Cyrell explained, but Liz immediately went to confront Ines and the pair got into a nasty argument.

Jessika and Dan's affair

Jessika Power was paired with Mick Gould at the start of the experiment, but it was glaringly obvious they were mismatched from the start, and half way through the series Jessika left Mick and coupled up with married co-star Dan Webb. Clearly happier in her new relationship, the pair made it all the way to the end of the show but then split just days later. Looking back at their brief relationship during the recently aired Grand Reunion show, Jessika said Dan did the dumping.

“It was hard to watch Dan and my final vows. Thinking that I was with somebody that loved me. Thinking that I was with somebody that actually wanted a life with me. I moved my entire life to the Gold Coast for this man. And, only to find out that it wasn't really what he wanted. I did love Dan.” She added, "He just wasn't the guy for me. It's hurtful because we hurt people to get that.”

Cyrell and Martha's argument

Photo credit: Channel Nine
Photo credit: Channel Nine

In another explosive Married At First Sight season six scene, Cyrell and Martha got into a row over a rumour about Jessika rubbing Nic's leg under the table at a dinner party. Martha approached Nic about it, but he denied it. He also told wife Cyrell what Martha had said and Cyrell stormed straight into Martha's room to confront her about it. "I think you s**t stir, I think you bitch around people’s backs," she shouted. Things got so messy producers had to step in and pull Cyrell away, though not before she smashed a bowl on the floor.

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