The Married At First Sight Australia season 4 couples still together today

Abigail Malbon
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Photo credit: Channel Nine
Photo credit: Channel Nine

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If you're officially hooked on Married At First Sight Australia, you wouldn't be alone. The explosive Aussie show has been helping us get through the January lockdown, thanks to its simple - but mad - concept: strangers meet for the first time at the altar, then go on to live together, all while being filmed by a camera crew.

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to looking back at past seasons, many couples are no longer together. But that certainly doesn't apply to all partnerships, as the show's experts have certainly been known to get it right. If you've binge-watched all the way back to MAFSA season 4, this is what happened to the show's couples:

Susan Rowlings and Sean Holland

Many viewers were rooting for farmer Sean and mining truck driver Susan, but the loved-up couple experienced difficulties due to the physical distance between them, as they both came from different parts of Australia. However, they stayed friends and all's well that ends well; Susan is now a mum to a baby boy, Ashton, while Sean has since remarried.

Cheryl Maitland and Jonathan Troughton

Cheryl and Jonathan never even made it to the end of the series after fellow contestant Scarlett revealed she'd been receiving texts from Jonathan.

Cheryl went on to try her luck with another contestant on the show, Andrew.

Photo credit: Channel Nine
Photo credit: Channel Nine

Cheryl Maitland and Andrew Jones

These two were paired together after their first relationships didn't work out - but sadly, neither did this one. Andrew has since spoken about the episode, admitting he found th whole thing difficult: “There’s still a bit of bitterness and PTSD almost – like you see the ad and you hear the voiceovers and you still get that rush of a feeling, like you know what’s going on,” he told the Mail Online.

Photo credit: Channel Nine
Photo credit: Channel Nine

John Robertson and Deborah Bosnan

As the oldest couple on the show, fans were rooting for John and Deborah - but unfortunately, the relationship crashed and burned pretty quickly. After a disastrous honeymoon, the pair called it quits - but keep an eye out for John's return in season 5...

Photo credit: Channel Nine
Photo credit: Channel Nine

Sharon Marsh and Nick Furphy

Sharon and Nick decided to get married at the end of their season, but unfortunately it didn't work out. “I love Nick, but after moving to Melbourne eight weeks ago to be with him, I soon realised that I’m not in love with him,” Sharon told New Idea at the time.

Michelle Marsh and Jesse Konstantinoff

Sharon's twin sister, Michelle also took part in the experiment, but things sadly didn't work out between her and Jesse. They remained friends after the show, though.

Simon McQuillan and Alene Khatcherian

Simon and Alene stayed together after the show ended, but distance eventually became too much of an issue in the relationship, and they split. “It was a difficult decision but we have decided to part ways. We remain the greatest of friends and we will continue to be part of each others’ lives,” a statement from the pair read.

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