How Married At First Sight Australia guarantees drama at the commitment ceremonies

Dusty Baxter-Wright
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Photo credit: E4/Nine Productions
Photo credit: E4/Nine Productions

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Married At First Sight Australia season six has got to be up there with the most dramatic reality TV shows of all time. There are arguments, affairs, gossiping and accusations, most of which play out on camera.

*Spoilers* During the dinner parties and commitment ceremonies in particular, we get to see everything from the fallout of Sam Ball and Ines Basic's infidelity, to Matthew Bennett and Lauren Huntriss calling it quits.

And there might be a sneaky reason why. In a new interview with WHO, season 5 contestant Tracey Jewel revealed contestants are asked to sit by themselves for a time before the commitment ceremonies and dinner parties, which can lead to stewing of emotions.

"They want the dinner parties to be as explosive as possible," she explained. "You have to rock up at noon and sit in a tent until like 4pm on your own and you have all these emotions bubbling to the surface and seething before you walk in."

As for the commitment ceremonies, which happen the next evening? "You sit in the ‘pig pen’ for about three hours and then at about 5pm they get you to write down your decision – whether you want to stay or go," Tracy continued.


Photo credit: E4/Nine Productions
Photo credit: E4/Nine Productions

This comes as Sam Ball previously suggested producers egged on his affair with Ines.

"[The producers] pulled me into a dark room, a black room, and asked me to do the Ines thing. They set that up. They made Ines DM me on the phone, that was all staged," Sam alleged on Instagram Stories.

"I throw her on the bed on that date night, not even five seconds later, the producers come in and de-mic you. I didn’t sleep with Ines that night, that didn’t happen. I didn’t sleep with anyone on the show."

We're saying nothing.

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