Married At First Sight Australia fans spot major problem with Ines and Sam scene

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Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

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Married At First Sight Australia season 6 is all we can talk about thanks to its explosive scenes, which right now mainly involve Ines Bašić and Sam Ball.

In the series, which first aired in 2019, Ines is partnered with Bronson Norrish, while Sam is married to Elizabeth Sobinoff. However, the pair fail to make a connection with their respective partners, and Ines secretly starts texting Sam.

After things hot up between them as the series progresses, the pair decide to spend the night together in a hotel room, but invested viewers spotted something very odd about some of the recent scenes.

Ines turns up at the hotel and knocks on door 1904, only for the next shot to show the pair standing outside room 1902. Not only that, later on, we watch Ines get into the bed with Sam and she's wearing matching black underwear. However, the next morning, when she heads back to her own room, she's dressed in white underwear.

Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

"... Then again this whole show is staged. Ines having black underwear on the floor but wearing white... Give it up nine #MAFS," one viewer tweeted, while another shared, "So the producers just keep happening to be in on all Ines and Sam's secret rendezvous hmm #fake #mafs."

Viewers also noticed that she'd brought her toothbrush and make up wipes with her to Sam's room despite the fact she was filmed arriving without any bag.

"Ines knocks on the wrong door, but amazingly Sam still answers and let's her in the room," another tweeted. "Come on producers, this is worse than her bringing a change of white underwear and a toothbrush to their 'date' last night."

Back in 2019, Sam addressed claims the scene had been set up while responding to a MAFS Australia fan on Instagram: "... This is TV it didn’t happen. If you notice Ines’ change of apparel in the edit, night and morning, that will be a good reference point for you."

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