Marks & Spencers' Latest Easter Launch Has The Internet Divided

ms limelon
M&S Is Selling A Hot Cross Bun BLT SandwichGetty Images

Usually we're all about a new launch from M&S (maybe aside from their recent slightly ghostly-looking white strawberries), but their new addition to the M&S sandwich range has got us and the internet in a bit of a tizz.

The limited edition Hot Cross Bun BLT was announced on Instagram by the brand yesterday, and it's safe to say it hasn't been met with much excitement.

The new sandwich is essentially a classic BLT with maple cured bacon, semi-dried tomatoes, lettuce and smoky mayo, but encased in an M&S Extremely Cheesy Hot Cross Bun.

While it doesn't sound totally terrible, there are some serious nay-sayers in the comments of the post.

One commenter said, "behave. Instead of dreaming up such tripe get the basics right." Yikes.

Others said the brand should stop messing around with hot cross buns, while some said the combo was just plain "wrong."

However, not everyone was horrified by the new launch.

Some commenters said they wished the Hot Cross Bun BLT came in a vegan version, or that they'd tried it and they'd given it a 10/10.

It looks like the jury's still very much out on weird hot cross bun flavours (we've seen stout, marmite and lots of cheese in new launches this year), and perhaps this new sarnie crossover suggests there'll be more controversial hot cross bun combos to come from M&S, so we'll be keeping you updated with any Very Important Hot Cross Bun News.