Marks & Spencer's Ice Cream Mini Bites Are Giving Us Little Moons Mochi Vibes

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Marks & Spencer's Ice Cream Mini Bites Are Giving Us Little Moons Mochi Vibes

The sun's out, we're all firing up our barbies and we're finally ready for summer to begin. But before we do anything, we need a range of summer-worthy snacks.

Only recently were we obsessing over a certain supermarket's insane display of iced treats (ahem, hello Iceland) and just the other week did another retailer decide to come out with a tub of ice cream dedicated to one of our favourite all-time drinks, iced coffee.

Yep! The ice cream market is booming, which makes our latest discovery all the more appealing...

Marks & Spencer's has only gone and launched a range of Ice Cream Mini Bites (aka, flavoured ice cream balls wrapped in cookie dough).

Brand-new for 2022, several foodies have been quick to report on the new ice cream treats via Instagram, leaving followers (us included) desperate to give them a go.

Coming in a variety of flavours including Chocolate Truffle, Birthday Cake, Salted Caramel and more, a six-pack will set you back £4.50. Now, where's the nearest M&S?

Since you're already heading on over to your local Marks, make sure you check out the supermarket's latest Colin the Caterpillar instalment, a frappé.

Described as a tempting blend of chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate, this decadent drink makes the perfect treat.

The frappé itself is made of a blended chocolate drink complete with chocolate whipped cream, a chocolate sauce drizzle, Colin sprinkles and finished with a Colin the Caterpillar chocolate face… a mouthful indeed!

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