Marks & Spencer Just Added A New Flavour To Its Canned Cocktail Range

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Marks & Spencer Just Added A New Flavour To Its Canned Cocktail Range

Close your eyes, and picture the scene: the sun is warm, the breeze is light, the sausage rolls are flowing, and what's everyone drinking? That’s right, a tinny!

Let's face it, the epitome of a British picnic scene is tinned drinks and warm strawberries. Sure, we sometimes stretch for a rosé, but the ease of a can of beer or G&T always wins.

And our good pals over at M&S have recognised just that by adding another fruity cocktail to their already fantastic line of tinned bevvies, Strawberry Daiquiri.

Perfect for the long summer evenings bathing in the park, this new canned cocktail is a sweet and refreshing change from the warm beers that you forgot to put in the cooler (don't worry, we've all been there).

Over the years, M&S have become champs of the canned drinks department, we think even some politicians would agree with that! From Porn Star Martinis to Cosmos, and Whiskey and Gingers to Pina Coladas, everyone’s taste is covered.

The new Strawberry Daiquiri can is made up of two measures of white rum mixed with strawberry and lime juice – refreshing and with a kick.

The ready to drink range is available in all M&S Food halls making it super convenient for your summer needs, just don’t forget to cool them!

If you’re throwing a cocktail party this year but don’t trust your own measuring skills (we get it, we're not all homegrown mixologists), then canned cocktails are the ultimate solution. Just pour into some fancy glasses, garnish with a citrus twist or a sprig of mint and no one will know the difference!

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