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Hurry, M&S's quilted tote bag is finally back in stock and it's worth every penny

It's super stylish, practical and affordable.

Here's why M&S's Quilted Nylon Bag is well worth investing in for work and travel. (Marks & Spencer/Yahoo Life UK)

I've spent months searching for the perfect work bag. I need one that fits my 13inch Macbook laptop, a portable phone charger, my make-up bag and a whole host of other miscellaneous items. As it turned out, it's surprisingly difficult to find a bag that is practical and stylish in equal measures. That was until I spotted the Quilted Shoulder Bag in Marks & Spencer's new spring collection.

My first impression was that it looks super similar to the quilted designs that are on my wish list from COS, but instead of costing hundreds, the price tag was just £35. Unsurprisingly, it has in fact sold out numerous times since it first launched due to its luxury appearance and affordable price tag, but has just been fully restocked.

🛍️ Product reviewed: Quilted Shoulder Bag
Tested it for: Three months
Rating: 5/5
💸 Reasons to buy: Spacious and stylish, fits my 13inch laptop, comfortable thick strap
Reasons to avoid: It's worth every penny in my eyes, can't fault it
💰 Best deal we've found: There are no discounts on the £35 bag at present and we doubt there will be anytime soon given its popularity

The trendy quilted bag is a perfect everyday tote you won't regret buying. 

£35 at Marks & Spencer

Since purchasing it in January, it has quickly become my absolute favourite (and most useful) bag, which I rarely leave the house without. I use it for work and find it surprisingly comfortable on my shoulder, even when packed full. Most recently, I used it as my carry-on bag for a holiday abroad. It's spacious, stylish, and minimalist — I've even had people assume it's a much more expensive version.

It's exclusively available from M&S and comes in black, pink and cream (I own the black version). However, I'm not the only fan, it has proven so popular that the black design continuously sells out. So, if you're interested, I'd recommend adding one to your basket ASAP while you still can, you won't regret it.

Firstly, the squishy, quilted design is easy to wipe clean and doesn't need rigorous care to keep it in tip-top condition, unlike a structured leather bag for example.

It has a thick shoulder strap that mimics the style of a rucksack, which is integral to making sure it stays on your shoulder without sliding off, and provides great support, even when it's filled to the brim.

The design is also incredibly practical. Inside the main body there is one zipped pocket and one slip pocket - I like to put my keys, passport and paracetamol in there for safekeeping.

I take the bag to work filled with my laptop, headphones, charging cables and a book for the commute. (Yahoo Life UK)
I take the bag to work filled with my laptop, headphones, charging cables and a book for the commute. (Yahoo Life UK)
It easily fits my 13inch Macbook, but is spacious enough to fit bigger laptops too. (Yahoo Life UK)
It easily fits my 13inch Macbook, but is spacious enough to fit bigger laptops too. (Yahoo Life UK)
The spacious bag can fit so much in. (Yahoo Life UK)
The trendy bag style comes in three colours, I opted for classic black. (Yahoo Life UK)

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The big bag is also great for travel, I recently took it on a two-week holiday to Australia and crammed it full for the flight with my laptop, a book, my liquids bag, a hairbrush, a pouch with all my jewellery, snack bars and my Bose over-the-ear headphones.

Thanks to its soft shape, it easily fits under airplane seats, in overhead lockers or in between my legs on the train without any fuss.

(Marks & Spencer)
The everyday tote bag can fit all your daily essentials. (Marks & Spencer)
(Marks & Spencer)
It comes in three colours: black, beige and pink. (Marks & Spencer)

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An added feature that I love has to be the large ring zipper, which makes opening and closing the bag incredibly easy, as you don't need to fiddle with finding a flimsy zipper pull. It's a tiny feature that makes such a difference when trying to access my things quickly, or seal it shut when I've overpacked it.

I wholeheartedly recommend investing in this bag if you're on the hunt for a great all-rounder shoulder bag for everyday use.

If I were to pinpoint a flaw, it would have to be that when full (through my own doing) it can get quite heavy, as you can't distribute the weight easily as it only has one strap. However, that's the risk you take when you opt for a shoulder bag rather than a rucksack with two straps.

As it's a design from M&S' own brand collection, online and in-store at the retailer is the only place you can get your hands on it and currently there aren't any deals running.

Considering its sell-out success, we don't expect the bag to be on sale anytime soon. That said, we'll be sure to update this piece if that changes.

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If you love the quilted style, M&S have also released a Quilted Cross Body Bag in the same three colours.

Perfect for an everyday handbag that can store all your valuables, it also has a thick strap and a main compartment with zipped and slip pockets, along with a flap closure held securely with a magnetic fastening.

Marks & Spencer

Another winner in M&S spring collection is this Quilted Cross Body Bag. It has the same popcorn design and thick strap for maximum comfort.

£30 at Marks & Spencer