Mark Wright: 'People don't need to worry about my marriage'

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Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan credit:Bang Showbiz
Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan credit:Bang Showbiz

Mark Wright is sick of defending his relationship with wife Michelle Keegan.

Although the pair are often forced to spend time apart due to their busy career, Mark, 34, insisted their marriage is stronger than ever and there is nothing to worry about.

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "Nobody needs to know how much Michelle and I see each other. We always make it work. It’s just a lot of travelling really, up and down the motorway.

"We both work hard, she works hard, there are no rules in life, are there? I might see her for five days, go to work for a day then see her for another five. We see each other plenty, people don’t need to worry about that.”

Meanwhile, Mark - who first found fame on reality TV show 'The Only Way Is Essex' - has forged a hugely successful career as a presenter and he believes his professional triumphs are all down to hard work.

He said: "I’d never be arrogant or confident about anything because I’m not a talented singer, I’m not a talented comedian, I’m not a talented actor. I wasn’t a talented presenter at first, I had to learn.

"But the one thing I’ll always be confident at is I’ll always be the hardest-working one in the room. And I believe that about anyone. You don’t have to be the most talented.

"If you got bad grades in GCSEs or A levels, there is more to you than what’ is written down on paper. Whatever you want to be, if you work your a** off, you’ll fail along the way, but it’ll happen."

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